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As the colors change, on 4 October Sicily leaves the yellow zone and Italy returns all white

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From Monday 4 October Sicily will leave the yellow zone. And Italy will be all white again. The official will arrive on Friday 1 October after the government control room has analyzed the weekly monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health. But the result seems obvious.

Sicily towards the white zone from 4 October

Under the current rules it takes “fourteen days in a scenario lower than that which led to the restrictive measures”. Last week’s monitoring has already certified a white zone scenario for Sicily for the first time, thanks to the intensive care occupancy rate that has fallen below the 10% threshold (to 9.3%). This week the situation has improved further. ICU admissions dropped from 82 to 60 (employment rate to 7.5%). And admissions to ordinary wards are also in sharp decline (from 574 to 482), falling below the critical threshold of 15% (to 12.9%). Hence the obvious passage in the white area. Even if the island remains in last place for the percentage of vaccinated: we are at 70.5% compared to an Italian average of 78.5%.


Calabria under 50 weekly cases per 100 thousand inhabitants

The data of Calabria fluctuates, which two weeks ago had touched the “downgrade”. Intensive care admissions are slightly up compared to last week (from 14 to 16) with a 9.5% rising bed occupancy rate. While hospitalizations in ordinary wards fell from 168 to 146: we are at 15.1%, still a whisker above the critical threshold. But, according to the new legislation, it is enough that one of the two thresholds in intensive care or in ordinary wards is not exceeded to remain in the white zone. Not only. Calabria is white regardless of the parameters of admissions (which are also from the white area), because it records 46 weekly infections per 100 thousand inhabitants, below the limit (50).

Sardinia in continuous improvement

The picture of Sardinia is also clearly improving, hanging in the balance three weeks ago. The region has dropped to 21 weekly cases per 100,000 inhabitants (compared to 24 the week before). And it is now permanently below the critical threshold of infections (so it is also white regardless of hospitalizations). In any case, it is also below the threshold both for the occupancy rate of beds in intensive care (down sharply to 5%) and in the ordinary wards (7.9%).

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