Home News Asking students to mobilize their grandparents to vaccinate the CCP’s mandatory vaccination has provoked public anger | Guangxi | Beihai | Beijing

Asking students to mobilize their grandparents to vaccinate the CCP’s mandatory vaccination has provoked public anger | Guangxi | Beihai | Beijing

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Asking students to mobilize their grandparents to vaccinate the CCP’s mandatory vaccination has provoked public anger | Guangxi | Beihai | Beijing

[The Epoch Times, July 10, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Li Jing reported) The education department of Beihai City, Guangxi, recently assigned “a special summer homework” to students, requiring them to mobilize their grandparents and other relatives to be vaccinated, causing controversy. Recently, the CCP authorities seem to have issued vaccination targets, and forced vaccination incidents have occurred in many places, causing people to rebound.

On July 6, the official WeChat account of “Beihai Haicheng District Education Bureau” published the article “A Special Summer Homework”. The content of the homework is that the government requires students to mobilize their grandparents and grandparents over the age of 60 to receive the first shot of the vaccine.

The assignment reward is: From July 3rd to 30th, 2022, students and children who mobilize the elderly over 60 years old to go to the vaccination site in Haicheng District to receive the first shot of the vaccine will receive education from various sub-district offices and Haicheng District. The “Little Anti-epidemic Guard” certificate and a small gift jointly issued by the bureau.

In addition, the elderly over 60 years old who have successfully received the first shot of the vaccine can take the vaccination certificate and ID card to the designated location in each street to receive a cash reward of 100 yuan or a 100 yuan supermarket shopping card (coupon).

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This official measure aroused the indignation of netizens, and many netizens said: “Children are hostages, and six adults can be tied up. No wonder fertility is encouraged. A new generation of stability maintenance tools, in case any elderly person has an accident (adverse reaction), that Will the child have a shadow for a lifetime?”

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“It is indeed a universal hostage. When people with children hear that their rights protection and petition will affect their children’s college entrance examinations, postgraduate entrance examinations, and tainted records, they will immediately die, dare not speak, and try Bailing’s tricks.”

“It’s called voluntary vaccination to the outside world, but it’s a rigid target internally. My uncle’s little sister goes to primary school, and the school requires each student to have 10 vaccinated places. My parents also got vaccinated. I was angry when I heard it. Netizens It’s not wrong to say that you gave birth to a hostage.”

A village committee in Beijing stipulates that the elderly do not receive vaccinations to deduct benefits

In addition to the vaccination targets issued by Beihai City, Guangxi, compulsory vaccination events have also occurred in Beijing.

On July 6, a news that “a village in Beijing plans to suspend the family welfare benefits for those over 60 years old who are not vaccinated” has attracted widespread attention on social platforms.

According to an online document, the Village Committee of the Lower Intermediate Court of Hancunhe Town, Fangshan District, Beijing issued an “important notice” to the villagers on July 5, requiring villagers who are undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer and dialysis for kidney disease to temporarily In addition to not being vaccinated, other villagers must be vaccinated.

The online document stated: After the village committee has researched and decided that the elderly over the age of 60 in the Lower Intermediate Court are not vaccinated, the welfare benefits used by the family (bottled water, festival rice noodles and oil, and the elderly over the age of 70) will be suspended from now on. subsidies, orchard dividends, etc.).

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In this regard, “First Financial” called the village committee of the Lower Intermediate Court of Hancunhe Town, and the person in charge of the relevant epidemic prevention and control work explained that this is a “propaganda method”, and vaccination is still based on the “voluntary” principle.

In addition, on June 15, Nansheng Village, Tuolin Town, Fengxian, Shanghai issued a notice stating that if the elderly over 60 years old cannot provide a doctor’s certificate that allows non-vaccination and those who are not vaccinated, the village committee will cancel the homestead reward, Double Ninth Festival gift distribution, rice subsidy and other benefits.

Forced vaccination in many places Beijing: Those who are not vaccinated are not allowed to enter public places

It is worth mentioning that recently, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Fujian and other places have issued notices requiring all personnel to be vaccinated when entering public places.

The Beijing authorities announced on April 18 that as of mid-April, the first-dose vaccination rate for people aged 60 and over in Beijing had reached 80.6%, and the completion rate of booster immunization had reached 80%. However, there are still some elderly people, especially the elderly, who have not yet been vaccinated, and some citizens who have completed the full-course immunization (the second shot) for 6 months have not received the booster shot.

On July 6, the Beijing authorities announced that people entering offline training institutions, cinemas and other crowd gathering places must be vaccinated from the 11th. In addition, the elderly who enter and leave the elderly activity stations (rooms), nursing homes and other places must achieve “all access to vaccines“.

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Li Fen (pseudonym), a resident of Xicheng District, Beijing, told The Epoch Times on the 8th, “My family members (in their 60s) were also called by the community to urge them to get vaccinated. I think it’s too much to force our 60-year-olds to get vaccinated, and there are no laws and regulations. They said they had to get vaccinated.”

China‘s official mandatory vaccination has caused controversy on mainland social media.

“Why can’t you enter public places! A trial vaccine is not even a second-class vaccine, why is it mandatory to be vaccinated! You are blatantly breaking the law!” “The key is that you will be infected after the vaccine. Is your vaccine useful? Mandatory vaccination, what is voluntary!”

“From the introduction of the vaccine to the present, how many people who have been infected before have been vaccinated, and what is the infection rate of those who have not been vaccinated? Can you make a relevant report to the common people? Please come up with scientific evidence to convince the public!” Anti-infection? Do you still use nucleic acid after being hit? Do you still use isolation after hitting? Do you admit the side effects of hitting?”

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