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Asl L’Aquila hacker attack, mobilization on social networks – Abruzzo

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Asl L’Aquila hacker attack, mobilization on social networks – Abruzzo

Photos and slogans to ask for transparency, children’s data disclosed


(ANSA) – L’AQUILA, MAY 13 – While there is a rush of news on the ASL hacker attack which would also see the names of children with learning problems undergoing psychological and speech therapy treatment in the health districts of L’Aquila circulate on the net, part on web the protest to ask for greater transparency on the management of the case by the city and regional leaders.

Several citizens have published on their Facebook profile a photo with a sign depicting the slogan “Tell us about the ASL”, referring to that “Tell us about Bibbiano” which went viral when the “Angels and Demons” investigation into the alleged wrongdoing in the management of the custody of minors in the municipality of Emilia. Each post is accompanied by the hashtag #Troppogravepertacere.

The initiative was also launched by some exponents associated with the city’s centre-left. “I have chosen to join the campaign with conviction – writes the researcher Riccardo Persio -. When people’s health and safety are at stake, political opinions must fail, we are in an emergency, yet those who govern us continue to pretend nothing has happened.

The time has come to set aside the vision of the Eagle as a film set and to start fighting and raising our voices to defend our rights”.

The advisers of the 5-star Movement, who have intervened several times on the matter, have defined the management of the crisis as “failing”. “What one wonders when reading the statements related to the criminal attack – reads the note signed by Francesco Taglieri, Giorgio Fedele, Pietro Smargiassi, Domenico Pettinari and Barbara Stella – and why this council, ten days after the blockade of systems due to the hack, was unable to organize a meeting between the Giunta and the Consiglio to inform the entire Abruzzo legislative body of the state of affairs and the extent of the damage. It is a shame that the Regional Council must have the information from Arrived exclusively in the press, or worse, remain at the mercy of the statements of a group of cybercriminals without knowing if they are true or not”.


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