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While in Russia the regime media (all) dedicate a few lines to Navalny and a lot of space on the return to the table of bananas and shrimps, which until now were in short supply due to the sanctions, in Italy the regime media (all except two or three) reserve pages and pages to Navalny and not even a line at the London High Court hearing on Assange’s extradition to the USA. Republic, as always, beats everyone: 7 pages on Navalny and not a syllable on Assange, imprisoned for 12 years in London, first in the Ecuadorian embassy then in prison, who now risks rotting in an American prison for the rest of his days for documenting NATO war crimes. Instead of being ashamed, Stefano Cappellini claims censorship: “Those who insist on changing the subject to talk about Assange do so with a very clear and repugnant objective: to belittle Navalny’s death and suggest that the West is doing the same or worse than Putin.” And it must be understood: those who do pseudo-journalism embedded he cannot conceive of true journalism against power. The poor guy pretends not to know that the hearing on Assange is news and must be given regardless of the judgment (he could have talked about it and then asked for the garrote). Or maybe he thinks that the Done agreed months ago with the High Court to set the hearing on February 20th after having learned from Putin (and who else?) that Navalny would die on the 16th.

It would be easy to overturn his reasoning to dog penis: those who change the subject to talk about Navalny do so with the repugnant aim of belittling the persecution of Assange. But it would mean reducing himself to her level, that is, below zero. We, strange as it may seem, feel the same disdain for those persecuted by all regimes: Navalny (despite his racist ideas), Assange, Khashoggi (sawed to pieces by Bin Salman’s services), Gonzalo Lira (the Chilean blogger and US citizen arrested because he criticized Zelensky and died in a Ukrainian prison), Andrea Rocchelli (the Italian reporter murdered by Ukrainian troops in 2014 while documenting the civil war in Donbass and still awaiting justice). We shed the same tears for the civilians fallen in all wars: Ukrainians killed by the Russians, Ukrainians from Donbass killed by the Ukrainians of Kiev, Israelis massacred by Hamas, Palestinians exterminated by Israel. And we are anti-fascists against all fascists: the Italian and European ones (including the Finnish and Baltic Fascist-Atlantists), the Russian ones of Wagner and Navalny nationalism, the Ukrainian ones of Azov and some pro-Zelensky parties. And we can’t wait for someone to style it hit parade of war crimes to find out if “the West is doing as well as or worse than Putin”. In the meantime, the West has already won a championship hands down: that of hypocrisy.

Source ↣ : Assalny – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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