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Assembly of Casanare elected boards of five commissions – news

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Assembly of Casanare elected boards of five commissions – news

Casanare police captured two men for the crime of personal injury. The case that came through the 123 emergency line and that seemed to be a domestic dispute ended up being the cause of an arrest by court order.

The fight that took place inside a residence located in the El Fical neighborhood and according to preliminary information, this would have been generated by doubts in the distribution of some objects.

As a consequence of this, the two men, 27 and 39 years old, from Bucaramanga, suffered reciprocal injuries caused by a knife, for which they were captured and transferred to the nearest hospital.

The uniformed officers who were interviewing a witness who was at the residence observed some elements that caused suspicion and indications about the cause of the fight; What they did not imagine is that one of the computers stolen from the vehicles in the parking lot at the exit from Yopal to Aguazul would be found among the elements, along with a bag with tools for opening and cutting, two pistol suppliers with ammunition 9mm caliber and a revolver-type firearm.

The elements were delivered voluntarily and left at the disposal of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation for the judicial proceedings to take place.

Antecedents of other Jhonqui

Finally, and as if that were not enough, alias “Jhonqui” was providing false identification information to hide the judicial responsibility he had. After achieving his full identification, judicial police units were able to establish that this man had a valid arrest warrant and that he was recognized as an alleged recurring criminal actor for the crime of qualified and aggravated theft with the use of minors in the commission of crimes and that he was being requested by the local First Prosecutor for thefts of Bucaramanga for events that occurred in March 2018 in the same city.

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Likewise, it was established that this subject presents 8 records in the penal system as accused, three for theft, two for personal injury, two for domestic violence and one for the crime of illegal possession of firearms. In the same way, he would have presented a conviction for qualified and aggravated robbery.

Source: Casanare Police

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