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Assembly to propose solutions to problems of Vallenato youth

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Assembly to propose solutions to problems of Vallenato youth


The Valledupar Municipal Youth Assembly will take place this Friday, January 27 at the facilities of the Popular University of Cesar, UPC, starting at 8 in the morning.

THE PYLON spoke with the new president of the youth council from the capital of the department, Valentina Arregocés, and the counselor Jhonatan Rojas Olivella about the details of the event.

What is the main objective of the Municipal Youth Assembly?

Valentina Arregoces: As defined by the Youth Citizenship Statute, it is the maximum space for youth incidence because they listen to the problems that afflict this population and what would be the possible solutions that we young people can propose to the municipal administration.

That is why the purpose is the collection of all this input to be able to take it to the decision making at the negotiation table with the Valledupar Mayor’s Office together with the delegates of the Youth Platform.

By the Municipal Youth Councilwe will render an account of all the work we have done from the corporation.

What will be the methodology of the Assembly?

Jonathan Rojas: They are divided into Work tablesfor example, gender equality, work, employability, culture, sport… where each person or youth association sit down to discuss the problems around these aspects in the municipality, and propose possible solutions.

This is linked to the Public politics of youth. Based on these solutions, the budget that is in the consultation table is prioritized, which is why it is important that the Mayor’s Office summon these tables, in fact the Attorney General’s Office called his attention because we have not even held the first consultation table.

What actions have been raised to the Mayor’s Office to carry out the consultation tables?

Jonathan Rojas: Petition rights, guardianship actions, actions with the Attorney General’s Office and verbal petitions. Those who have more or less been aware of the issue are the staff of Social management, but the mayor has never sat with us. There may be a lack of will or ignorance of the rule, or both.

Valentina Arregoces: We have requested the minimum session, that at least once the mayor sits down to arrange with us, but he did not hold it. Apparently it will not be held this year either.

Lea: UPC will host the first Municipal Youth Assembly

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