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AstraZeneca waivers? Not at all: vaccines are overbooked in Villorba

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Mass accession by the seventy-year-olds. Very few defections for the Ulss 2 prophylaxis campaign at the Villorba bowling alley, with 1,600 elderly people called, especially born in 1942 and 1943

VILLORBA (TREVISO). C.hi are afraid of AstraZeneca? Not the elderly people born in 1942 and ’43 who yesterday crowded the Treviso Vax Points of Villorba and Riese for the whole day, with very few defections and indeed, with someone who queued hopefully outside the offices in case they were advanced doses.

Instead, the precious AstraZeneca vials registered a sort of “overbooking”, with 1,600 bites at the Villorba bowling alley instead of the 1,200 initially planned. There was no need to summon the “reservists” that the Ulss had identified, together with Confcommercio, among the opticians and the clerks, in case of occasional absences other 78-79 years olds were called. And even general practitioners, for the first time, helped with vaccination operations.

The Villorba vax point restarts: how it works, from the call to the injection

The fears of mass desertion were concrete after the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine had been suspended internationally (with few exceptions) earlier this week to check for any connections with serious adverse reactions. A week ago the psychosis was already rampant, given that three thousand Treviso teachers had refused their dose forcing the Ulss to summon some “reservists” called at the last second so as not to waste doses.

Here, however, none of this was seen: the elderly showed up on time for the appointment with the vaccine. “We must not be afraid, this is like a war, and you go to war with courage” repeated for example one of the summons, Giacomo Benvegnù, historic restaurateur of the Encounter in the center of Treviso, “I’m happy to be vaccinated and I trust only of science “.

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The elderly at Vax Point in Villorba: no fear, we have seen the war

A concept that many have repeated. Combined with the appreciation for the organization – ULSS, general practitioners, volunteers, civil protection – which, despite the high number of presences, managed to avoid queues and long waits.

Outside the bowling green, as mentioned, some ordinary citizens were also seen waiting patiently for a dose that, however, did not arrive: “We heard that the doses cannot be wasted” said a woman yesterday morning, “so if at the end a few days left, because someone didn’t show up, maybe they could give it to ordinary citizens ». In reality, one is vaccinated only upon convocation, and it is up to the Ulss to identify suitable subjects.

Benazzi to Villorba: “Thanks to the family doctors who help us vaccinate”

“The adhesion was high, people are happy to make this vaccine” underlined the director general of Ulss 2, Francesco Benazzi. «There is no worry, and I thank the family doctors who are here with us in Villorba. All went well. We have a list of alternates, but always fishing between people aged 78-79, to whom we ask to be available. Today we overbooked, next week we will also have 14,000 more doses of Pfizer ».

Any incompatibilities with AstraZeneca? “We follow the instructions that Aifa gave us, each person is asked for previous pathologies and therapies, if you fall into the lists indicated by Aifa you are reprogrammed with Pfizer or Moderna”.

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