Home News At 31 she left her job as an employee and became an entrepreneur in the world of wine: “The pandemic is a time of change”

At 31 she left her job as an employee and became an entrepreneur in the world of wine: “The pandemic is a time of change”

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PASIANO. Thirty-year-old from Pasiano defies the pandemic, becomes an entrepreneur and invests in Pasiano.

“We live in times of change, which also encourage us to change ourselves”.

And Valentina Greguol is making many changes. A 31-year-old Pasianese with an economic background and a great passion for wine, with the pandemic he decided it was time to leave his safe job as an employee to launch into the world with his own business.

«I was commercial manager for a local winery for four years – says Valentina -. However, I have always cultivated the idea of ​​my own business. After so many trashed sheets, I left. I experience the pandemic as a moment of historical change which, like all changes, brings with it many fears but also new possibilities. I work a lot, fear is not lacking and every now and then I have some panic attacks, but it was my right moment ».

Valentina Greguol decided it was time to overcome fear to try to seize the possibility of realizing her dream. «Now my biggest partner is the bank – Valentina jokes -. I inquired, however, the much publicized contributions to female entrepreneurship, to which I would also be entitled, are currently blocked by the pandemic in order to be of any help to existing activities. What scares me the most, however, is political uncertainty. It is for this reason that I did not immediately open a shop, preferring to move personally, presenting my bottles in the hotel sector ».

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Convinced of the banking “partner”, Valentina started her entrepreneurial activity in March. He collaborates with a company in the eastern hills of Friuli from which he obtains the grapes which he transforms into wine according to his recipes and sells with his “LaGre” label. Now the time has come to open the shop: from 22 October “Il salone LaGre” will be operational in Pasiano, in via Taiariol, a unique example within a radius of about fifteen kilometers.

«Wine is conviviality – underlines Valentina -. A bottle is uncorked every time there is a party. My idea is to propose selected bottles – to mine in the future I hope to add goodies from wineries all over Italy – combined with Slow Food Fvg products. I chose to leave Pasiano because it is my country and I am particularly attached to it ».

In addition to the difficulties of the pandemic, Valentina Greguol also clashes with a sector still dominated by men. «I confirm the difficulty – Valentina sighs -. I am a woman and mother nature has been generous to me: the combination of “beautiful but stupid” is always around the corner, both at sommelier courses and among clients. In the end it depends on how you position yourself: the difference is made by education, skills and the product you bring. I find it hard to enter because I am a woman, but once I do I am well liked, so much so that my clients are all loyal ». From Saturday 22nd the shop will be operational: Valentina is ready.


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