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At Balmetti vicolo di Bacco rediscovers the magic of the past

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Borgofranco, the recovery dedicated to the ancient cobbled steps to be promoted by the Amis in collaboration with the Young Canavese winemakers


The synergy created between the Amis dij Balmit group and the Young Canavese winemakers association becomes a project to enhance the territory. The proceeds from Rewine, the first event organized by the association of young winemakers, chaired by the oenologist Vittorio Garda, which was held at the end of June among the Balmettis, was used to finance the reconstruction of the initial part of the Vicolo di Bacco staircase, which climbs along the “mountain that breathes”.

Before it was covered with an anonymous plain of concrete, now it has been rebuilt using local stones and pebbles, as in the final section. A local craftsman took care of the work. In addition, a plaque commemorating the donation of the young winemakers will be placed. And it becomes a tradition for the Amis dij balmit to give a gift to the Balmettis on the occasion of the Christmas holidays: «Last year – recalls the president Federico Fiorina – the fence of the square, now obsolete, was rebuilt. And we already have the next intervention in mind: it will be dedicated to the toilets, those that had been damaged by vandals, and to writers who are a little “intrusive”. They need urgent maintenance work in order to be accessible to visitors who we expect more and more numerous ». And the Amis, after the Christmas holidays, will immediately get to work with the Young winemakers to organize the second edition of Rewine: «It will always be the last weekend of June – Fiorina anticipates – but it will be even more surprising. The ideas are many ».

In these days the magic that the Balmettis already give is combined with that of the cribs. «The external installations can be visited up to the Epiphany – says Fiorina – while the vision of the cribs made inside some Balmetti is at the discretion of the owners. Who had opened their doors on the occasion of the two pre-Christmas Sundays: 12 and 19 December ».

Il Balmetto is a magical place, difficult to describe in words and which must be experienced in person. Thanks to the geonatural phenomenon of the Ora, fresh air comes out of the mountain which keeps the temperature of the cellars dug into the rock constant throughout the year. Over the last few years, a process of valorisation of the Balmits has been launched with a view to tourism development that crosses with winemaking excellence.

Like that of the Terre sparse farm in Chiaverano, which produced the first Erbaluce dei Balmit sparkling wine. –


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