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At least 8 houses were affected by heavy rains in Guano

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At least 8 houses were affected by heavy rains in Guano


The members of the Guano Fire Department and municipal personnel from that town helped several families who were affected after a heavy downpour.

The damage was evident in some homes in Santa Teresita in Guano, where the Guano firefighters went.

On the night of Tuesday, February 20, 2024, some damage was evident left by a flood that apparently occurred due to the heavy rains that were recorded in the Guano canton, since at least 8 homes in the Santa Teresita sector were destroyed. with mud, stones and water. There were no injuries or fatalities, but there was considerable material damage.

Jovana Iza, in charge of the Public Spaces department of the Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Municipality of Guano, commented that the unit is always present in this type of emergency for cleaning, which is why it collaborated in the affected homes with the evacuation of water and mud. “Unfortunately there are people who have lost their household belongings, the unit is collaborating,” she said.

Iza also stressed that the problem occurred in the Chingazo sector, where apparently there was a damming and when the water went down, it had nowhere to vent, ending up in some houses in Santa Teresita. “Guaneños are recommended not to throw waste or debris into the streams so that there are no blockages,” he said.

One of the most affected was Rosa Elena Pilco, who almost lost her husband, since the water and mud entered her home and took away clothes and some objects. Those affected in that house even had to make holes in the walls so that the water could escape.

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