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At the “Child’s Day” in Limana welcomed 25 new born in the municipality

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At the “Child’s Day” in Limana welcomed 25 new born in the municipality

Limana welcomes 25 newborns. A Feast of the Child and of the whole community, the one celebrated yesterday under the shed of the pro loco area, in front of the elementary schools. The opening was entrusted to the Rainbow Choir who sang “Semper Piccoli” a song created in view of the beatification of Pope Luciani. An invitation to remain “always small”, received by the president of the pro loco Davide Praloran who, after welcoming children and families, recalled the origin of the event. Conceived in 2009 by a group of people from the multi-ethnic Europe District, “it was born as a moment of meeting and celebration, starting with children”. An intent that over time has been able to involve the whole country, consolidating itself thanks to the organizational contribution of the pro loco and the collaboration of the parish, the Municipality, the Rainbow Choir, primary school, some fractional and voluntary committees. “An initiative that”, assures Praloran, “will continue in the years to come, renewed in form but with the same spirit as always”.

During the mass, Don Mario Doriguzzi thanked the parents who attended with their children and who prepared the necessary for this meeting, starting with “Alfio Mancini, tenacious promoter of the party”, a moment that “contributed to the inclusion of many young families who have come to Limana ». Hence, “children can be an example of life, because they are simple, trusting, innocent; and the glue of a community because, through them, adults also meet ”, said the priest.

At the end of the celebration, the 25 new born in 2021 who responded to the invitation (out of the total 43) received as a gift a small parchment with the child’s prayer and a welcome plaque in Limana. The party then continued with lunch.

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