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At the Montebelluna Golf Club, brooms of the Befana instead of clubs

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An unusual competition was staged for one day, obviously as a prize a sock with the coveted gifts of the “flying grandmother”

MONTEBELLUNA. Brooms instead of clubs to put the ball in the hole at the Montebelluna Golf Club. In fact, a particular competition was staged in the nine-hole course in via Carpen: the “Gara della befana”. It was a competition with the Louisiana formula in pairs, where however the traditional Befana broom had to be used on the green. The players indulged in finding a way to use the broom, even if the billiard-style technique prevailed, hitting the ball with the tip of the handle.

In the end, the couples formed by Paolo Casalatina and Gabriela Michielotto, absolute rulers of the field both with sticks and broom, prevailed, who were awarded the prize (a Befana sock) for the first gross, reaching 38 stableford points and 31 medal points, ahead of the Zumbo-Piaser duo, who won the prize for the first clear with 37 Stableford points.

The sock for the best mixed couple went to the Bonaldo-Bortoletto couple.

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