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Atesa pronounces for attack against containers in Santa Marta

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The practice advanced by some homeless peoplewho without measuring the consequences of their actions set fire to several containers located in different areas of the city, with no known arrests or convictions against those responsible.

This time the act of vandalism was recorded on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 24, in the Avenue of the Students at the height of the Industrial Technical District Educational Institutionwhere was it incinerated and containergenerating considerable damage to its structure and leaving it disabled.

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Faced with this situation, the operator of the Atesa toilet serviceagain made a strong appeal to the district authorities of Santa Martawith the purpose of taking measures that lead to avoiding the further registration of this type of behavior that ends up significantly affecting assets that are at the service of the community.

The company reiterates that for the containerization system to be successful, the concurrence of the authorities and citizens is required, giving these elements an appropriate use and denouncing those who attempt against these elements.

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