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Atlético Nacional executives receive death threats with pamphlets

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Atlético Nacional executives receive death threats with pamphlets

In Medellín, aberrational posters appeared seriously threatening the leadership of the green team, Atlético Nacional.

The team from the capital of Antioquia, Atlético Nacional, is plunged into a crisis that has completely damaged the relationship between fans and managers. This has deepened despite having several meetings to resolve the claims of the greens to their leaders. Among the requests is the departure of President Mauricio Navarro and Vice President Benjamín Romero.

The problems do not seem to be cleared up, after the ‘barras bravas’ filled the city with banners in protest at the end of 2022. Day by day the relationship that does not find its good cause worsens and the disgust of the fans grows. Recently, it was learned that the issue reached a serious and degrading point.

Medellín woke up with several pamphlets in which “invites to the funeral” of the directors: Mauricio Navarro and Benjamín Romero. This generated the indignation of the world of football and the country. The act adds to the threats that also reached the administrative headquarters in Itagui.

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The fact echoed after the publication of the sports journalist, Juan Felipe Cadavid who made a call to
the authorities to do the correct follow-up to the vandalism and criminal act.

“This is no longer a peaceful claim, this is already crime. The authorities in Medellín cannot allow the dissatisfaction of some fans to turn into threats of this type. Some streets of the capital of Antioquia woke up with these pamphlets”he said on his Twitter account.

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Dani Alves would have to pay millionaire compensation to Pumas

Los UNAM Cougars of Mexican soccer have asked the Brazilian Dani Alveswho was fired on January 20, a compensation of 5 million dollars for violating a conduct clause of his contract when he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a nightclub in Barcelona.

The cats terminated Alves’ contract on the same day he was arrested in the Catalan city since the university board of directors considered that his alleged sexual assault “harmed philosophy” of the club

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According to the media outlet UOL Sporte, in addition to the termination of the contract on January 20, the Pumas executives also sent Alves an email in which they informed him of his departure from the team and requested million-dollar compensation.

Los Pumas They demand payment for the conduct clause in the contract in which they could penalize the former side of the Barcelona for “participation in doping cases”, “in any scandal that becomes public” or in “any act that is considered a crime under the law of the country in which it took place”.

According to UOL, the cadre based in Mexico City He mentioned to Alves in the email that he is willing to take legal action, before the FIFA or any other court, in case the ex-Barcelonista refuses to deposit the 5 million dollars.

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For the moment, neither Pumas nor Alves have issued any official comment on the matter. Dani Alves remains detained in a prison Barcelona for allegedly raping a woman in the bathrooms of a nightclub in a Catalan city.

Hours after the accusation against Alves was made public, the South American traveled to Mexico to join the Pumas, in what was the most relevant contracting in the transfer market of the summer of 2022.

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However, the Brazilian received special permission to travel to Barcelona to attend the funeral of his mother-in-law, mother of the Spanish model Joana Sanz.

Los Pumas They expected the return of Alves for January 17 and according to press reports, the Brazilian never informed the Mexican club that he would extend his stay in Barcelona.

The Brazilian’s impact was not positive on the pitch for the Pumas since in their first tournament, the felines occupied the penultimate place in the Apertura classification, outside the fight for the title.

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