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Attack in Valledupar left a man seriously injured

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Attack in Valledupar left a man seriously injured

Around 9:25 p.m. on Saturday, two armed criminals made an attempt on the life of Roberto Carlos Escobar Pardo, 20, who was seriously injured while he was in a commercial establishment in the Valle Meza neighborhood, south of Valledupar.

According to what was recorded on a security camera, Escobar Pardo was sitting at the bar of the stadium when he was surprised by the subjects. One of them, who was wearing green pants, a mask, a cap, and a white jumpsuit, shot Roberto Carlos Escolar in the head. Later, a few minutes later, another subject dressed in a black sweater, cap and jeans arrived to finish off the young man, without success.

Roberto Carlos Escobar was badly injured lying on the terrace of the stadium, located on 44th street with 18E street, where he was rescued by the citizens.
The young man was taken to the Eduardo Arredondo Daza Hospital based in the San Martín neighborhood and referred to a clinic in the city.

The National Police reported that Escobar has a bullet wound in the occipital region with an entry and exit hole, and another in the thigh of his right leg.
Escobar Pardo, who was chatting alone at the site, is in a delicate state of health.

The videos from the security camera will be a key piece for the authorities to identify those responsible for the act.

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