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Attack on armored vehicles in Ogliastra, shots fired and cars on fire – News

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Attack on armored vehicles in Ogliastra, shots fired and cars on fire – News

It’s a manhunt, with checkpoints scattered throughout Ogliastra, after the attack on the armored car on state road 125 near Tertenia. The bandits went into action around 8.15am. According to the first fragmentary information arriving from witnesses – the police forces are maintaining strict confidentiality for the moment – the criminals would have blocked the road with a steel bolt and set fire to some tires which they scattered on the road to slow down the traffic. and attack the armored car. They were exciting moments. There was also a shooting, which fortunately caused no injuries. The bandits then fled south, towards Cagliari, losing track of them, but first they set fire to some cars, probably also to the armored car van itself. It is unclear whether they managed to collect the loot. In addition to the carabinieri from the Jerzu Company, colleagues from the Nuoro operations unit arrived on site. The military is carrying out surveys on the highway which is still closed to traffic.

VAN AND TWO TRUCKS SET ON FLAMES. There were moments of terror that preceded the attack on the Mondialpol armored vehicle on state road 125 in Tertenia, Ogliastra, this morning.
Before going into action, the criminals set fire to a pile of tires and blocked the armored car both front and rear, with two vans probably stolen first. The armed commando made the vigilantes get out of the Mondialpol vehicle and then used a bomb to blow up the rear door from which they would then steal the money, but it is not clear whether the operation was successful. The investigators, in fact, still maintain the strictest secrecy about the loot.
In the meantime, the commando fired several gunshots, set fire to the two trucks used to block the road and the Mondialpol van itself before fleeing.
The criminals also thought of setting fire to an articulated lorry to avoid help coming from the San Vito area.
The carabinieri from the Nuoro Investigation Unit and the Jerzu Company immediately arrived on site. They have already heard the driver of the van and the drivers and passengers of the various vehicles that passed through those parts.
The fire brigade teams from Lanusei, Tortolì and San Vito also arrived on site and managed to put out the flames late in the morning.

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