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Attacked and beaten in the park at night, woman dies in hospital in Rovereto – News

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Attacked and beaten in the park at night, woman dies in hospital in Rovereto – News

A 61-year-old woman, Iris Setti, died in hospital due to the seriousness of the wounds caused by a 40-year-old homeless man of Nigerian origin who attacked her on Saturday evening around 10.30 pm, probably to rape her, but the they are in progress – also to clarify whether the victim and the killer knew each other – and then he beat her ferociously with fists to the body and head. The violence took place in the Nikolayevka park, in Rovereto, in Trentino, and the scene was seen by some people who live in a nearby apartment building and sounded the alarm: the woman on the ground and the attacker as a fury astride on top of her beating her.

The man then fled, but was stopped shortly after by the carabinieri in nearby via Maioliche and now he is under arrest for murder.

It seems that the victim was crossing the park and then went to the nearby Lungo Leno, where the mother lives, to look after her. Iris Setti, a retired official, died in the hospital in Trento, where she was transported by the health personnel who rushed to the scene together with the carabinieri and the local police, due to the traumas and injuries sustained.

Last August, the man was responsible for damage in via Benacense, not far from the park where he attacked and beat up Iris Setti. The 40-year-old had threatened some people with a broken bottle and then attacked a passing cyclist and lashed out at the intervening carabinieri, jumping on the roof of the service car and trying to hit the soldiers who were trying to stop him. Then he had attempted to escape by jumping on the bonnet and roof of another passing vehicle. The man had received a precautionary measure with the obligation to sign from the Carabinieri of Rovereto, where he presented himself every day.

We are tested for infinite pain that a tragedy like this causes but at the same time we want to understand what went wrong”, the mayor of RoveretoFrancesco Valduga. The mayor arrived at the site of the attack a few minutes later, warned as he was a short distance away for the traditional sharing dinner in the historic center for the celebrations of the patron saint of the city.

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The Minister of the Interior also intervened on the case, Matteo Piantedosi: “The barbaric murder of the woman in Rovereto is a very serious fact. I have asked the Chief of Police to arrange for all necessary investigations and a detailed reconstruction of the story, also to understand if there was something that did not work. These investigations are a must against the victim and his family”.

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