Home News Attacked by three bandits, Mainardi had refused hospitalization: examinations on the cause of death

Attacked by three bandits, Mainardi had refused hospitalization: examinations on the cause of death

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The man had been examined at dawn by the Suem 118 health workers and had his vital signs in place. It will be up to the autopsy to clarify the reasons for the death

LORENZAGO. Vital signs all right. Good clarity, only a few small signs around the wrists, because Angelo Mainardi had been tied up by the three masked thugs. The external cadaveric inspection, carried out Sunday afternoon after the discovery of the body, did not reveal other signs of a struggle, certainly it was not treated well.

At dawn on Sunday, it was Mainardi himself who refused to be transported to the emergency room of John Paul II, after a visit by the 118 health workers. He was certainly a bit shaken, but he was fine, so much so that at noon he had also had lunch. No one would have ever imagined that, just two hours later, he would die.

Those who knew him well tell of an elderly man who is awake and accompanied by an overall good state of health. His head still worked properly, the only ailment in his legs: he struggled to walk, as happens to many people of his age. He had no heart problems, but it cannot be ruled out that he died of a heart attack.

The deputy public prosecutor on duty, Alberto Primavera ordered the autopsy. This afternoon the coroner Antonello Cirnelli will receive the assignment and will carry out the autopsy examination at the San Martino di Belluno hospital. The question concerns the causes of death and whether or not it can be linked to the home robbery.

The crimes hypothesized in the investigation file are those of robbery, in fact, injuries and death as the cause of another crime: “Simple investigations are not announced”, anticipates the public prosecutor, Paolo Luca “we do not know if there had been any problems of previous health and whether or not these may have affected the death. The other possibility is the existence of a causal link between robbery and death, which in any case should be demonstrated. Then it may well be that his time had simply come. What we don’t really know is what happened between noon and 2pm on Sunday. Mainardi lived alone and unfortunately no one is able to tell us any more ».

There are not yet registered in the register of suspects, least of all the doctors who arrived on the spot by ambulance: “The medical team had done everything they had to do and the patient was free to decide whether or not to be hospitalized, if his appearance was reassuring. To begin with, we do an autopsy, which will give us answers to the questions, which at the moment everyone is doing a bit “.

Until yesterday evening the Mainardi family had not entrusted themselves to any trusted lawyer, much less had they appointed their own consultant to attend the examination. In the morgue there could only be Cirnelli, who will later ask for the time necessary to arrive at precise conclusions.G.S.

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