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Attention is urgently needed to 300 families displaced from Sipí and Nóvita

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Attention is urgently needed to 300 families displaced from Sipí and Nóvita

An urgent appeal was made by the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo Assis, to the national and departmental authorities to attend to 300 families who had to leave their territories in Sipí and Nóvita, in the department of Chocó, due to armed confrontations that are coming Presenting since May 21 in the town of Charco Hondo, between the ELN guerrillas and the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces or Clan del Golfo.

“From the Ombudsman’s Office we are accompanying the Chocoan communities of Charco Largo, Barrancón, Barranconcito, Charco Hondo, in remote areas of Sipí, who were displaced towards the municipal seat of Istmina; and to the communities of Santa Bárbara, Cajón, San José and Torrá, from the rural area of ​​Nóvita, who were displaced towards the urban area of ​​the same municipality of Nóvita”, affirmed the Ombudsman.

Added to the two massive events of forced displacement is another problem: a significant number of families have not been able to leave the areas due to the risk of possible new confrontations between the armed groups and because they do not have the means to move to the municipal capitals. .

“The violation of human rights to these ethnic communities is categorically rejected by the Ombudsman, since we have been warning through two current early alerts, 012 of 2022 for Sipí and 027 of 2021 for Nóvita, the problems derived from the dispute over the territorial control of groups outside the law, such as confinement and massive displacements”, assured Carlos Camargo Assis.

The Ombudsman added that comprehensive care and protection for these communities is urgent: “Due to the complex situation that is about to overwhelm the capacity of local entities, I urge the national and departmental authorities to take the pertinent measures to mitigate the deficiencies of the affected ethnic communities, in which the principles of coordination, subsidiarity, concurrence and complementarity are applied”.

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For those who are already in transitory shelters, it is propitious to guarantee them food, water supply; It is already pertinent that the public force protect their assets that they should have left abandoned.

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