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AUA works meeting canceled, 150 flights are still cancelled

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AUA works meeting canceled, 150 flights are still cancelled

Due to a company meeting of the flying staff announced for next Friday, the AUA has canceled 150 flights that day, as the airline announced upon request. However, unnecessary, as the works council and the vida union postponed the announced works meeting on Tuesday evening, as the AUA explained on Tuesday evening.

“No suitable premises”

This no longer changes the failure of the affected connections because they have already been removed from the system. According to the AUA, the works council’s justification was that there were no suitable premises at Vienna Airport on Friday.

The airline has previously taken legal action against the works meeting. As the AUA explained to the APA, they are suing for an injunction. An interim injunction was also filed with the Korneuburg Regional Court, as first reported by “Kurier” and “Kronen Zeitung”. But even an interim injunction would not have changed the flight cancellations. Because the canceled flights could no longer have been included in the program.

AUA takes action against works meeting

In any case, the AUA management does not consider the now canceled works meeting to be legal: “According to the law, the main reason for a works meeting is the information from the works council to the employees. From the company’s point of view, there can be no significant news between the last works meeting on March 1st and give on March 8th, especially since the meeting was already announced on March 1st.”

The AUA is not affected by the strikes announced by ground staff at parent company Lufthansa in Germany on Thursday. According to the information, the flights are taking place as planned.

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Stalled KV negotiations

The reason for the company meetings of the AUA on-board staff is the stalled collective agreement negotiations. It’s about the collective agreement (KV) for pilots and flight attendants. After a good economic year for the aviation industry and a significant increase in ticket prices, the union is demanding that employees also benefit in the form of good salary increases.

Last Friday, almost 140 flights were canceled at AUA due to a works meeting and a spontaneous warning strike. The vida union said on Tuesday that further collective bargaining discussions were scheduled before the upcoming meetings.


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