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Audios of Benedetti generates a new scandal

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Audios of Benedetti generates a new scandal

Explosive audios from former ambassador Benedetti: he talks about financing Gustavo Petro’s campaign.

The publication of a series of audios by the Semana Magazine has once again shaken the political landscape after the recent scandal of illegal hacks.

In the recordings, Benedetti expresses his discomfort at the treatment received in recent months by the Government and claims to have important information about the election of President Gustavo Petro.

In the shocking recordings, the former ambassador addresses Laura Sarabia, former chief of staff, making strong statements that point to her alleged participation in financing Petro’s presidential campaign in 2022.

«What I’m telling you, Laura, is that this treatment… Aha, fagot, I did 100 meetings… $15,000 million, what’s more, if it’s not for me they don’t win. So, even if it’s hypocritical, you go and receive people, but the treatment that you and the president gave me yesterday, fagot, I don’t know, besides, what I’m going to tell you is not a threat… I see that this makes me You can kick, I kick you son of a bitch, and there we all fall, son of a bitch, “Benedetti is heard in one of the audios.

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In another fragment of the recording, the former ambassador claims to have organized all the votes on the Coast without receiving money in exchange, and mentions that these resources were destined for the Pacific. Furthermore, he hints that he could reveal who contributed the money for the campaign.

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Despite the seriousness of the accusations, Gustavo Petro was calm and recently, he even posted a photo on his Twitter account with his daughter, showing a relaxed attitude and with the message: “Uneasy? No way!”.

These revelations have generated a stir in the political arena.

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