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Authorities deploy strategies to guarantee security

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Authorities deploy strategies to guarantee security

Santa Marta is preparing to welcome the end-of-year holiday season with a determined focus on the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors.

In a meeting held at the facilities of the Port Captaincy of Santa Martavarious District authorities came together to coordinate efforts and socialize the measures that will be implemented during this crucial period.

The Port Captaincy of Santa Marta, a central actor in maritime safeguarding, deployed an inspection device that will cover the most popular beaches, including Bello Horizonte, Pozos Colorados, El Rodadero, Playa Blanca, Taganga and those of the Tayrona National Natural Park.

This device will not be limited to terrestrial areas, but will will extend to the maritime areas under its jurisdiction. Its main objective will be the control and verification of the status of the vessels responsible for the maritime transport of passengers, as well as the supervision of activities on beaches with a tourist vocation. In addition, they will be carried out indetailed inspections and verifications to ensure compliance with regulations regarding the planning and zoning of beaches, in accordance with established regulations.

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Captain César Humberto Grisales López, leader of the Santa Marta Port Captaincy, stressed the responsibility that falls on companies linked to the maritime transport of passengers, pleasure boats and water sports activities. He emphasized the prevailing need to keep the required documentation updated to comply with the established measures, thus avoiding inconveniences that may affect the provision of crucial services during this season of high demand.

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The strategic meeting, convened by the Santa Marta District Institute of Tourism (Indetur) and the Colombian Maritime Authority through the Port Captaincy of Santa Marta, It had the active participation of key representatives of the Colombian Navy, Metropolitan Police, Santa Marta District Mayor’s Office, District Public Services Company (ESSMAR E.S.P), Magdalena Regional Autonomous Corporation (Corpamag), Administrative Department of Environmental Sustainability (DADSA)Office for Risk Management and Climate Change of Santa Marta (OGRICC), Civil Defense, Firefighters, Public Service Company (ATTENDED), Tayrona National Natural Park, Emergency and Emergency Regulatory Center (CRUE), and the Sustainable Urban Development and Renewal Company of Santa Marta (SUCCESS).

The General Maritime Directorate, fulfilling its missionary functions, it has begun early preparation for the end-of-year tourist season. These preparations are designed to prevent possible maritime incidents in your jurisdictionpromoting the safety of those who will enjoy the beaches and tourist services. This comprehensive approach not only seeks to ensure the peace of mind of residents and visitors, but also consolidate Santa Marta’s reputation as a safe and well-managed destination.

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In this context, The commitment of local authorities is not limited to maritime surveillance and security. The Santa Marta District Tourism Institute (Indetur) and its collaborators are addressing key aspects to guarantee a complete and positive tourist experience. The collaboration between the participating entities reinforces the idea that, in Santa Marta, safety and enjoyment go hand in hand.

As the end of year festivities approach, This inter-institutional coordination and the implementation of preventive measures reflect the determined commitment of Santa Marta to offer a safe, memorable vacation season full of positive experiences for all who choose it as their destination.

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