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Authorities neutralize claims of the Iván Díaz Front

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Authorities neutralize claims of the Iván Díaz Front

According to intelligence work, these two people intended to carry out attacks in the city of Neiva.

Within the framework of the stability efforts, troops from the High Mountain Battalion No. 9, of the Ninth Brigade, managed to capture a man and the arrest of a minor who had been commissioned by the leader Jhovany Hernández, to perpetrate terrorist actions against the productive unions of the capital of Huila.

The action was carried out thanks to active military control on the roads of the department, achieving capture and apprehension in the sector known as Satias in the municipality of Algeciras.

Three improvised explosive devices and uniforms for the exclusive use of the Public Force were found in the possession of these two people. Proceeding to the flagrante delicto of the adult and the arrest of the minor, 17 years of age, who were placed at the disposal of the competent authority.

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Apparently these people were in charge of issuing extortionate summonses, advancing illegal payments, and hiring common criminals to carry out attacks. At the same time, they would be the material authors of several actions with explosive devices in Campoalegre and Neiva.

Captured and apprehended, they traveled on motorcycles, which apparently had already been used in other attacks. And it is not ruled out that they were going to be used to perpetrate criminal actions. This weekend with the purpose of pressuring the payment of extortionate fees.

The operational result confirms the criminal actions of the residual organized armed groups. Through the illicit recruitment of minors, a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law.

The soldiers of the National Army continue to work to safeguard security and public order. At the same time, they call for reporting and providing information that contributes to neutralizing any attempt to affect the civilian population.

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