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Authority “above” disrupts our humble work

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Authority “above” disrupts our humble work


Ahmed Saif Hashed

The Minister of Electricity came to Sana’a Parliament this morning, according to a previous appointment, to answer our questions, but he went before the session without answering our questions with the justification that they had invited him from “above,” as we were told.

The head of the council, Yahya al-Ra’i, did not dare to tell us who this person called “above”…?! We are in an official session. It is assumed that matters should be called by their names, and the authorities should be called by their names. As for mumbling and panic, a citizen who is crushed every day by levies and heavy injustice will not win.

This “above” obstructs our work and prevents answering citizens’ questions to the relevant ministers, and prevents stopping the continuous bleeding of our people who are exposed to many and large levies, and increasing the cost and value of everything except the value of the Yemeni citizen, who is getting more and more miserable and wasteful, while the whole country has become and still is a spoil of war.

Are the differences between the Minister and the Director General of the Electricity Corporation the ones that prevented attendance from “above” so that what is happening in the Ministry of Electricity, specifically in the Corporation, would not be revealed .. perhaps..!!

Do the owners of “Above” not want citizens to know the extent of corruption in this institution..perhaps..!!

Is it an escape from the responsibility of our people’s entitlements after our people’s patience for eight long years.. Maybe..!!

Above obstructs our humble work, and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives obstructs and aborts our work, and the Secretariat of the Council resolves part of it.. Security and intelligence hinder the work of the Freedoms and Human Rights Committee with the Presidency and the General Secretariat of the Council.. A memorandum in the office of the Speaker of the Council requesting the referral of a detainee to the judiciary for two months without knowledge or news .. What I know is that the President of the Council does not dare to address the Security and Intelligence Services, and he assigned the President of the President to call.

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The bottom line: We are living in a disastrous era by all accounts.


August 2, 2023

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