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Autumn stingy with snow in the Dolomites, new rainfall over the weekend

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Autumn stingy with snow in the Dolomites, new rainfall over the weekend

It is shaping up to be a weekend of snowfall on the dolomites, and prolonged bad weather for about ten days. A sudden change, after a really disappointing start to the season in terms of snow: half of the averages for the period fell between October and November.

Very little snow in the Dolomites since the beginning of autumn. Only 66 cm at 2,250 meters of the High Mountains of Ornella, the Dolomite locality where rainfall was more abundant. Consider that it is less than half of the snow that fell last year (132 cm), between October 1 and November 30, a quarter of that of 2019 (270 cm). The comparison is by Arpav.

Casera Coltrondo in Comelico (we are at 1960 meters) must be satisfied with 52 cm, the same altitude as Col dei Badiin the district of Owl, which last autumn boasted almost three times as much snow (146 cm) and in 2019 it was close to three meters. Staying in Agordino and precisely at 1735 meters of Malga Losch (Voltago)the accumulation in two months was 54 cm, while at 1,630 meters of Arabba we have to settle for just 28 cm, less than half of autumn 2021 (69). Falcade she was pardoned with 25 cm, but in truth there was always little flock in the valley between October and November (only in 1008 there were 116 cm).

Descending on Prealpsin Val Palantina, on the border with the province of Pordenone, the white blanket has reached 44 cm. Many are crossing their fingers for a copious snowfall over the weekend, with the fear, however, that it won’t arrive in half as much as the last one.

Meanwhile Dolomiti Superski e ilMeteo.it, six million average users a day, have concluded a partnership that provides for the supply of weather services and the promotion of winter and summer activities for three years. For this reason, the weather data from ilMeteo will appear on the dolomitisuperski.com website, in the MyDolomiti app and on the giant screens of the Sellaronda circuit, while information relating to the slopes, such as snow depth, temperatures, but also details on the lifts, coming from the 15 ski areas of Dolomiti Superski, will be visible on the app and on the ilMeteo website, a real window on the Dolomite resorts thanks also to the dozens of webcams overlooking the strategic points of the area.

«Weather forecasts represent one of the most important and most requested information by users for organizing a holiday. We want to offer a quality service», comments the president of the ski circuit Andy Varallo.

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