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Avicampo, a Colombian poultry company, turns 37 and is in the top 3 in sales in the country

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Avicampo, a Colombian poultry company, turns 37 and is in the top 3 in sales in the country

Bogotá, April 2024 – In 1987, one of the most important poultry companies in Colombia was born in Bucaramanga – Santander, which is currently among the top 3 with the highest sales volume in the country, with 100 thousand tons produced during 2023; Avicampo, specialized in the production, marketing and distribution of chicken protein and its meat derivatives, has provided nutrition and well-being to a large part of Colombians during its almost 4 decades of operation.

Currently, Avicampo has about 600 sheds, 87 poultry fattening farms and 5 chicken and cold meat processing plants, located in different departments such as Santander, Norte de Santander, Valle, Eje Cafetero, Cundinamarca, Atlántico and Bolívar, all of them integrated into an agile and efficient process in which more than 3,000 employees participate, including direct and indirect jobs, guaranteeing a fresh and great-tasting product to each of the homes to which the company’s different products reach.

For 37 years, Avicampo has worked to achieve what is today a careful and efficient process throughout its production chain, it has excellent raw materials, concentrate and 1-day-old chick, with cutting-edge technology in its production processes in controlled environment farms. and in its processing operations and meat derivatives, complementing all its activity with trained and committed human talent that achieves customer satisfaction with its management and the service it offers.

Avicampo’s most recent achievement, which demonstrates its commitment to quality, is obtaining the FENAVI Poultry Sustainability Seal in the DIAMOND category, for the eastern and coastal areas of the country, a difficult achievement that also achieved an outstanding score of 94.33 ; a seal that represents a standard of excellence in the poultry industry, becoming a testimony to the work and dedication of the company. “Together we will continue to move forward with determination and passion in our efforts to improve and maintain the highest standards in all our operations, generating a positive impact not only within our industry, but also in the world around us,” says Avicampo.

In addition, and thanks to its purpose of delivering an excellent quality product to its consumers, the company is certified in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, also known by its acronym in English as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) at the Lebrija plant, allowing process control and a safety system to be guaranteed in its production.

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Sustainability in its three axes, governance, social and environmental, is a fundamental part of the Company’s values, creating a comprehensive, balanced, profitable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly business throughout its operation and with a positive impact on the communities where it operates, contributing, in this way, to the well-being of future generations.

True to its commitment to sustainability, the company has made investments of more than $4,000 million pesos in wastewater treatment plants in different regions and maintains programs to mitigate the impact of the effects of greenhouse gases.

It is noteworthy that in the social field Avicampo has developed the comprehensive well-being program for its collaborators, which includes such important aspects as housing, education, employability and well-being in order to raise their quality of life, in accordance with the search for Zero multidimensional business poverty, understanding that they make up one of the company’s main interest groups.

It has been 37 years that are celebrated today with the purpose of continuing to provide, not only a wide variety of good quality products that nourish Colombia, but also important economic stability for the thousands of families that benefit from the jobs generated in the different regions and, also, with the contribution that is constantly offered through the responsible and social actions to which the company is committed.

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