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Azerbaijani. Clashes resume in Nagorno Karabakh

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Azerbaijani.  Clashes resume in Nagorno Karabakh

by Angelo Gambella

The Azerbaijani armed forces have launched military operations, defined as “local” by the Defense Ministry of Baku, in Nagorno Karabakh. There is currently fighting in the area of ​​Sushi – Lisagor, with the Azerbaijani military allegedly crossing the line of contact of the Armenian forces. The truce would also have been violated in Martuni.
The Russian interposition forces have ordered the Azerbaijanis to withdraw.
European Council President Charles Michel called Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on the phone to express concern about the ongoing escalation. Reiterating the EU’s commitment to achieving stabilization and therefore sustainable peace, he invited the parties to suspend hostilities and find compromise solutions.

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