Home News Bad weather, a crane collapses on terraced houses in Boara. Damage to Bondeno. Uncovered building in San Felice sul Panaro

Bad weather, a crane collapses on terraced houses in Boara. Damage to Bondeno. Uncovered building in San Felice sul Panaro

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Bad weather, a crane collapses on terraced houses in Boara.  Damage to Bondeno.  Uncovered building in San Felice sul Panaro

FERRARA – Bad weather broke out on Wednesday evening and night in the Ferrara and lower Modenese areas. A disaster: roofs uncovered, families evacuated, trees fallen, roads cut off. Very scary, luckily there were no injuries. But the damage is huge.

Among the places most affected by the violent storm there are Boara e Bondeno. The mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri urges the Region to recognize the state of regional crisis. TO Boara a crane fell on some terraced houses; nNo one was injured, rescuers are on site for the evacuation of people and the control of the apartments. “Ready to find an immediate solution for families”, assures Fabbri. In Bondeno roofs and trees uprooted and fallen on the streets: here too, fortunately, no victims.

In the province of Modena, a San Felice sul Panaro, the very strong gusts of wind ripped off the roof of a building in via Lavacchi with 11 families evacuated as a precaution. Hundreds of interventions by the Fire Brigade and Civil Protection.

Bad weather, damage in the Ferrara area, uncovered roofs in Bondeno


Meanwhile, the president Bonaccini, with the regional councilor Irene Priolo, in contact with the mayors of the affected areas, have guaranteed the maximum support of Emilia-Romagna. “We will send the census to the Region with the total damage count”, anticipates the mayor Fabbri.

The crane fell on the houses in Boara

The crane fell on the houses in Boara

Roofs uprooted, trees fallen

The Bondeno area was particularly affected: roofs, fallen trees, damaged cars, fallen power lines, with the consequence of some areas left without light. “It hurts to see the images of the damage,” says Fabbri. “I am in constant contact with the mayor Simone Saletti, to whom my closeness and all our support goes. We remain united to face this emergency as well”.

Damage to Bondeno

Damage to Bondeno

The disaster that occurred in Bondeno in a few hours was caused, explains Emilia-Romagna Meteo, by a violent downburst (linear gusts from the storm). In particular, we speak of bow echo: one of the “most intense thunderstorms that can develop from a storm line when it begins to gain speed within a hot-humid air mass”.

The damage to Bondeno. The mayor: “Dramatic situation”

Firefighters, Civil Protection, municipal police and many volunteers are incessantly at work to remedy the damage, says the mayor of Bondeno Simone Salettiwho updates the situation in the late morning: “The work of the rescue teams has been going on relentlessly since last night: during the night, almost all the main roads were opened, in order to guarantee the smoothness of traffic and road safety. Among the main points, via per Zerbinate remains blocked for the moment at the “La Perla” restaurant “. And again: “The situation is dramatic, it is still raining and a worsening is expected for tomorrow. Bad weather has particularly affected the historic center and the industrial area, uncovering dozens of houses and warehouses”. Almost 300 requests for intervention reached the Operations Room of the Ferrara Fire Brigade, which estimate the severely damaged buildings to be 14. The Emilia-Romagna Regional Directorate sent in support men and vehicles from the commands of Bologna, Modena, Forlì Cesena and Reggio Emilia.

The mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri also points out “the enormous damage caused to agriculture: entire crops are compromised. And this, in an already very difficult moment for the agricultural economy, is a very hard blow. We are alongside farmers and ready to do our part to provide them – through the Emilia-Romagna Region – with concrete and rapid answers “.

The testimonies: “There is no longer a roof in my house”

The testimonies on social media are dramatic. “My house in Boara with an open roof, uprooted trees and destroyed cars”; “It was terrible I saw the water that came in from under the door and flooded the whole ground floor”; “Hospitable: the house where I live taken in full external internal windows broken roof to be fixed and everything that will be seen what a disaster”; “In via Centese the wind has uncovered a piece of my house, we are all fine, the road is impassable”; “A part of Scortichino is still without light”. Dozens of reports.

Damage to Bondeno

Damage to Bondeno

Damaged airport hangar in Modenese

Night of work – the one just passed – for the Fire Brigade, in the Modenese area due to the bad weather that yesterday hit in particular on the northern part of the province and on San Felice sul Panaro with the airport hangars damaged by gusts of wind that they also ripped up the roof of a building in via Lavacchi with 11 families evacuated as a precaution. Altogether there have been about a hundred interventions carried out by firefighters in the province since last night Modena. In the queue – according to what has been learned – about ten more calls. In the area of ​​San Felice sul Panaro there have been floods, fences and fallen trees and road signs. To secure the territory and the roads, the police forces, the fire brigade, the workers of the municipal technical office and the volunteers of the Civil Protection took place.

Yellow alert for Friday

The same Civil Protection has also issued for tomorrow, Friday 19 August, ayellow alert on the whole regional territory given the “favorable conditions for the development of strong storms, with possible effects and associated damage, more likely between night and morning on the northern plains and on the eastern sector”.

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