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Bad weather, flooded fields and crops at risk

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Bad weather, flooded fields and crops at risk

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Excessive rains as harmful as extreme heat. The bad weather of these days shows no sign of abating, with rains and thunderstorms expected throughout the month of May which are putting the seasonal crops at risk. Count the damage Cia Chieti-breaking latest news which collects the concerns of farmers in the provinces. The most affected crops are seasonal vegetables, cereals, fruit and vineyards which are heavily affected by the effects of rainfall.

“The Cia of Chieti and breaking latest news”the president said Dominic Bomba, “in the face of completely exceptional rainfall, he believes that measures and tools must be implemented for agriculture that is more resistant to extreme events. After the absence of rain in recent years, we are now faced with an absence of summer. The biological cycle of plants is affected by these anomalies. These are the effects of climate change and we don’t just need to talk about it but we need to act.”

Much will depend on the climatic trend over the next few days, the potato harvest is currently at a standstill due to water stagnation in the fields, while for the vine there is a plausible lack of quality and product, which could be verified in the coming months.

“The possible attacks of downy mildew also threaten the vineyards, especially the early ones”, continues Bomb, “The persistence of excessive rain favors the proliferation of fungal diseases and does not allow for treatments to be carried out to prevent them. The harvest could be cut by 30% with significant economic losses for one of the major sectors of the territory. With the funds of the Pnrr we ask to strengthen and improve the efficiency of the water system and to face the effects of the current climate crisis “. concludes Bomba.

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