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Bad weather in Friuli: abundant rains and cold are coming

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Bad weather in Friuli: abundant rains and cold are coming

UDINE. In the last hours Friuli Venezia Giulia is affected by humid currents coming from the Mediterranean that are bringing abundant rains and Scirocco wind.

An announced phenomenon, so much so that the Regional Civil Protection issued, on Saturday 24 September, a yellow weather alert, number 17 this year. The most critical issues are expected on Sunday 25 September, when locally very intense rainfall, storms and storm surges will occur in the Udinese, Friuli Collinare, Gemonese, Medio Friuli and Lower Friuli areas.

As noted by the Civil Protection, these phenomena may lead to “situations of crisis in the minor hydrographic network and urban drainage, as well as phenomena of instability of the slopes with local interruptions in the road network, sustained wind and storm surges”.

For this reason, the various municipal groups have been pre-alerted and are ready to intervene in case of need. Unfortunately, in the recent past, when a weather alert is issued, problems related to flooding or falling trees are likely to occur, with damage and inconvenience on the territory.

“It is not possible to predict where the rainfall will be most intense since the front is not yet well defined – Livio Stefanutto of Osmer Fvg announces – we know that it will affect the Adriatic area, from the coast to the Prealps”.

A “normal” perturbation for the beginning of autumn, which however worries the insiders for the arrival of the sirocco: “We know that when the wind comes from the sea, the rains can be particularly intense”, adds the auditor of the Osmer.

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The arrival of bad weather, however, unlike what happened in recent weeks, will not lead to a drop in temperatures: in the plains the minimum will oscillate between 13 and 16 degrees, the maximums between 17 and 21, on the coast between 15 and 18 degrees the minimum, between 18 and 22 degrees the maximum. Certainly summer – understood as temperatures above 22 degrees – can now be said to be archived, with autumn making it its “job” in the coming weeks. There will be sunny days, but it will be cooler. After an above-average beginning of September in terms of temperatures, the drop since last Friday has been consistent, with the lows falling by 8 degrees. “Right now in Udine – Stefanutto closes – the indicators are showing a temperature below the average of about two or three degrees”.

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