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Bad weather, mudslide on some houses in South Tyrol. Evacuated hotels in Val di Fassa

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Bad weather, mudslide on some houses in South Tyrol.  Evacuated hotels in Val di Fassa

BOLZANO – Moments of fear in Val di Fleres, the last valley of Italy before the Italian-Austrian border of the Brenner, where a two-meter-high mudslide caused by a violent storm reached the village of Sant’Antonio. Six houses were damaged, three seriously (boiler room and cellars flooded) and one was evacuated. In these hours, over 40 fire brigade teams are engaged in numerous interventions. The firefighters report that at the moment no people are involved in the various landslides and floods.

Evacuated hotels and houses in Val di Fassa

About a hundred people including tourists and residents were evacuated from hotels and houses in the Fassa valley, especially in the Vigo di Fassa area, where a water bomb struck which quickly caused landslides and landslides and the flooding of some watercourses, such as in Fontanazzo and Campestrin, hamlets of Mazzin and San Jan, where – reports the Tgr Trento – a mudslide has invaded the road. The evacuated people will spend the night in the Civil Protection Center and in the gyms.

Heavy thunderstorms, broken roads

Due to the strong storms in South Tyrol there were many inconveniences to the roads. In Val d’Anterselva the river has swelled so much that it created a landslide, requiring the closure of the Stalle pass between Italy and Austria through the valley.

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In Val Pusteria, in the Valdaora area, the town of Sorafurcia / Geiselsberg has remained isolated. Numerous interventions by the fire brigade in Val Pusteria and Alta Val d’Isarco.

Small landslides and flooded roads in Val di Fleres. The town of Sorafurcia / Geiselsberg cannot be reached either from Valdaora or from Val Badia because the heavy rains have caused a series of landslides. State road 244 of Val Badia closed between San Martino in Badia and La Valle, provincial road 43 between San Vigilio di Marebbe and Valdaora also closed.

The alert

On the basis of the expected and ongoing phenomena, a yellow alert was assessed for tomorrow, Saturday 6 August, in Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and on some sectors of Piedmont and Tuscany. The meteorological and critical situation forecast for Italy is updated daily on the basis of new forecasts and the evolution of phenomena, and is available on the website of the Department of Civil Protection (www.protezionecivile.gov.it), together with the general rules of behavior to be taken in case of bad weather. The information on the regional alert levels, on the specific criticalities that could affect the individual territories and on the prevention actions adopted are managed by the territorial civil protection structures, in contact with which the Department will monitor the evolution of the situation.

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