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Bad weather, orange alert in Milan. Landslide in the Lecco area, 120 people evacuated for a few hours from a campsite

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Click the orange alert on again Milano: the Civil Protection issued it for severe thunderstorms and hydrogeological risk, while the warning is yellow for hydraulic risk. Special guards, as always, Seveso e Lambro.

According to the experts of the functional center for monitoring natural risks, in fact, starting from today afternoon, Wednesday 4 August, Lombardy is affected by “a saccatura, or an area of ​​low pressure (ed), of Atlantic origin, which will cause a gradual increase in instability with increasingly widespread and persistent rainfall, including storms “.

And the data

In the evening the first damage caused by time. TO Villa Guardia, in the Como area, due to the intense rain the Fossato stream flooded: the fire brigade intervened on the spot to secure the area. Discomforts even in the province of Lecco: a Dervio, a center overlooking Lake Como, 120 people were turned away from a campsite due to the flood of the Varrone stream and the mass of water accumulated in the reservoir of the Pagnona dam. The 120 were then able to return in the late evening, as announced by the Municipality, after receiving the news that the water level had dropped.

The Municipality of Dervio warned the population of the “risk of flooding”, advising them to “move the cars from the garages” and “not to go out unless strictly necessary”. “We remain alert because we are well over 50 cubic meters per second, after 65 a further alert is triggered. At the moment we have evacuated the campsite as a precaution, all services have been alerted and the Civil Protection is ready to intervene on the place, “said the mayor Stefano Cassinelli to the newspaper Lecco Today.

Also in the Lecco area there was a landslide on the provincial road 62 fra Bellano e Taceno: the boulders invaded the carriageway near a tunnel, causing the road to be closed to traffic. And the Tremenico-Subiale road was also closed due to landslides.

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“Gradually intensifying rains are expected on the Alps and Prealps, first showers or isolated thunderstorms on the north-western plain – the note reads – Between mid-afternoon and early evening, the formation of a storm line between the high plains (western ) and western Prealps. During the night there will then be a translation of the phenomena towards the eastern provinces, which will be more widespread and intense on the high plain and Prealps “.

Orange alert for thunderstorms even in Varese, with particular attention to the areas of the lakes and the Prealps. Consequently, the Varese municipal administration has again decided, as a precaution, to close the SP 62 to traffic in the section between Rasa and Brinzio. Traffic will be allowed only to residents. There are flooding in the north of the province, near the border with Switzerland, in the area of Porto Ceresio e Lavena Ponte Tresa.

Bad weather, Coldiretti’s alarm: “2021 harvest postponed by one week. One billion in damage in Italy”

by Lucia Landoni


In Comasco In the meantime, fundraising organized by the municipalities to support those who have been severely hit by the storms of recent days, in particular in Cernobbio, Laglio and Blevio, continue.

Just thinking about the areas of the province in greatest difficulty, the Amici di Como association and the Como Turistica Consortium have created the music video “And we are many” – a song recorded in collaboration, among others, with the historic Italian rock group of New Trolls – with the aim of making it “a strong sign of hope and rebirth”.

The crazy weather is having serious consequences, in Lombardy and beyond: according to Confagricoltura, “from north to south, the Italian peninsula is a war bulletin in which the amount of damage caused by bad weather increases day by day, which could reach two billion euros “.

“George Clooney will launch his fundraiser to help the towns of Como”: the mayor of Laglio announces it. North-west Lombardy: it is red alert

by Lucia Landoni

According to the association’s estimates, “only in the last few days has hail devastated structures, split greenhouses for horticulture and hundreds of hectares of orchards were destroyed by the violence of rainfall in many regions, already hit by frosts, trumpets in spring storms and violent storms “.

It therefore appears necessary to “review the National Solidarity Fund, which is inadequate to meet the needs of agricultural businesses affected by natural disasters”, concluded by Confagricoltura.


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