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Bahía Solano: four months suspended and abandoned road paving

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Carlos Mario Cardona, representative of Bahía Solano, denounced that for four months the paving of the second and fourth careers has been suspended and abandoned, a work carried out by the Department for Social Prosperity, DPS, in agreement 539-2022 of 2022 with the municipality.

“This situation generates serious effects since they are main streets, affecting students from the Luis López de Mesa Educational Institution, commercial premises and residents of the sector, especially when there is rain, to the point that traveling through the place puts high risks to passersby from suffering accidents,” said the representative of the Public Ministry

The Ombudsman has already requested the Department of Social Prosperity to manage the continuation of the paving work.

And it also required the control entities to investigate the delays in the execution of the contract, taking into account that it was signed on December 27, 2022 and the initiation document was agreed on June 5, 2023, but there are still a work shortage of approximately 50%.

The value of the contract is four billion pesos and is executed by the firm Unión Temporal Vías Urbanas Bahía Solano, its execution period was five months, from the signing of the initiation document.

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