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Balance of the “Plan Cazador” in Cali

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In relation to the so-called “Plan Cazador”, a solid and extensive deployment was carried out by the Metropolitan Police of Cali based on an intense control, surveillance, and patrol operation; by land and air, in the urban area and the entrances and exits of the capital of the Valley.

The Police in the activation of this plan had the support of the Criminal Investigation Group in different places and neighborhoods of the city, with control points, searches, background checks and even dogs specialized in detecting substances.

In the midst of the operations, the following were captured:

– Robbers in flagrante.

– People requested by justice.

– Subjects who carried firearms.

For example; Two women accused of committing thefts in chain stores were arrested, and a man who was requested by a judge for the murder of a minor under 16 years of age. Similarly, huge amounts of drugs were seized, accompaniments to sectors such as the road to the sea and requests for documents and records.

Up to Kilometer 18, the Cali Police arrived, in order to continue with the searches and to avoid disorders and affect mobility as happened last weekend.

Cali closed 2022 with more than 1,000 homicides, although it was a low figure compared to other years, the goal for the current 2023 is to reduce this high-impact crime.

For this, “La Sucursal del Cielo” today has more than 6,000 uniformed personnel, a significant number of whom carry out intelligence and security tasks for officials; in addition to supporting social and administrative projects, among others. The others are patrolling the streets of Cali.

Photo: Cali Police


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