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Ballot in Feltre, Zatta announces its arrival

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Ballot in Feltre, Zatta announces its arrival

Adis Zatta with the team that will make up the council in case of victory in the ballot

Confirmed Del Bianco and Visalli, enter Pelosio, Saffayeh and Sacchet. The mayoral candidate: “Whoever votes on me on Sunday will also choose this team”

FELTRE. Bonan and Li Castri leave, Visalli and Del Bianco remain, Pelosio, Saffayeh and Sacchet enter, with the outgoing mayor Perenzin who will play another game, the one in the Province. This will be the composition of the municipal council of Feltre if Adis Zatta wins the ballot on Sunday and becomes the mayor of Feltre.

The composition of the government team was presented in the morning at the headquarters of the Zatta electoral committee, in via Garibaldi, for a precise choice: “If the citizens choose Adis Zatta in the ballot on Sunday, and this appeal is addressed not only to our voters but also to those of Fusaro, Forlin and Serrangeli », said the same candidate for mayor,« they must know that they will also choose this team ». A

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