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Banana, broccoli and lettuce smoothie recipe

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Banana, broccoli and lettuce smoothie recipe

Have you noticed a surge of energy after drinking a smoothie? This drink is invigorating due to the fact that there are many vitamins in the fruits and berries contained in it, as well as greens. Today, smoothies, like fresh fruit, are an attribute of healthy eating.

You can buy smoothies in cafes, restaurants and even supermarkets, but of course homemade smoothies are the best. Firstly, because you are sure of the quality and freshness of the ingredients, and secondly, in how they are washed.

The recipe for a green smoothie was shared by Ella Ivanova, a cook from Kryvyi Rih.

– Banana will add sweetness, kiwi – sourness, – says Ella Ivanova. — The combination of vegetables and greens is unusual, the taste is incredible!

Green smoothie

2 kiwis 1 banana Flax seeds Carrot tops Broccoli Lettuce leaves A little water

Peel the banana and kiwi, cut into pieces, combine with other ingredients and grind in a blender. Bon appetit!

Earlier, the cook Ella Ivanova told what delicious and healthy dishes can be prepared from the tops of radishes, beets and carrots. “FACTS” also published a recipe for a delicate and aromatic tomato soup, which can be eaten both hot and cold.

Photo from Ella Ivanova’s album


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