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Baoji Municipal People’s Government Portal County District News Weibin District: “Three in Place” to promote SMEs to cultivate new heights

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Weibin District: “Three in Places” Promote Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to Cultivate New Highs

Source: People’s Government of Weibin District
Release time: 2022-09-21 08:30

In recent years, Weibin District has focused on key industrial chains, selected a group of outstanding industrial enterprises with the ability and ambition to lead the development of the industrial chain, and carried out cultivation and upgrading, so as to promote high-quality manufacturing enterprises in the area to continue to become stronger, better and bigger. Up to now, the whole district has cultivated 15 “specialized, refined and new” small and medium-sized enterprises in Shaanxi Province, accounting for 13.8% of the city; 4 single champion manufacturing enterprises in Shaanxi Province, accounting for 50% of the city; 2 single champion manufacturing enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, accounting for 40% of the city’s; the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is specialized in 5 “little giant” enterprises, accounting for 29.4% of the city.

The working mechanism is in place. The first is to combine the research on the development path of the industry in the region and the actual development of industrial enterprises, study and issue the “Action Plan for Increasing the Cultivation of Specialized, Specialized and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and Accelerating the High-quality Development of High-quality Manufacturing Enterprises” in the region, and actively implement the transformation of high-tech enterprises and private economy. Upgrade demonstration enterprises, “specialized and special new” enterprises, manufacturing invisible champions and individual champion enterprises, industry chain leading enterprises and other high-quality enterprise cultivation projects; ” work ideas, formulate an annual cultivation plan, establish a high-quality manufacturing enterprise echelon cultivation library in the region, and enter more than 40 enterprises of various types.

Financial support is in place. First, this year, the district government has allocated more than 2 million yuan to reward large enterprises such as China Railway Baoqiao, Baoji Steel Pipe, Qinchuan Machine Tool, as well as 18 small and medium-sized enterprises such as Changmei Technology and Baoguang Shanhe, to support enterprises in large-scale, technological innovation. , the integration of industrialization and industrialization, transformation and upgrading, and intelligent transformation have accelerated the pace. The second is to actively apply for various support policies at all levels for enterprises. Since the beginning of this year, enterprises have been organized to apply for 36 projects in 11 categories, such as specialization, specialization and small giants, technological transformation, and transformation and upgrading of the private economy, and strive for 100.21 million yuan of financial funds, of which the The funds in place are 34.03 million yuan.

Precise service in place. The first is to establish a through-train system for enterprise services, improve the implementation plan for the implementation of the enterprise service commissioner system in Weibin District and promote high-quality economic development, and select 100 party members and cadres in the region to serve as corporate service commissioners. “Five top” enterprises and key small and medium-sized enterprises have set up 6 special service classes in finance, finance and taxation, safety and environmental protection, policy implementation, technical personnel, project construction, and legal rights protection, specializing in research and coordination to solve the problems reported by enterprises that involve a wide range of issues, complex situations and difficulties. larger focus. The second is to develop the “Weiqitong” enterprise public service platform, to provide online service docking for enterprises, etc., to form a good atmosphere of “caring for enterprises, taking the initiative, serving sincerely, and doing things right away” in the whole region, and promote the high-quality regional industrial economy. develop.

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