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The Lantern Festival fireworks are in full bloom, and the night sky of Pingyang Lake is affectionately praised for the happiness of Mei County.

Source: Mei County People’s Government
Release time: 2023-02-07 14:46

Charming Xinmei County, happy Lantern Festival. On the evening of February 5th, the Meixian Lantern Festival fireworks show was in full bloom on the banks of Pingyang Lake, presenting a wonderful audio-visual feast for the people and tourists in the county.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, the music sounded in Pingyang Lake Square and the lights flickered. 200 drones lined up above Pingyang Lake with the sky as the curtain and the lake as the scenery, and successively formed Yutu Lighting, Lantern Lantern, Huayuan Yuhu, and I Love Mei County, Strength Mei County, Vitality Meixian, beautiful Meixian, happy Meixian, clean Meixian, better tomorrow and so on. It means that under the strong leadership of the county party committee and the county government, the people of the whole county will look forward to the future together in 2023, and the blueprint will become a scene and the splendor will become a chapter.

After the short light show ended, the blossoming fireworks rushed to the sky, and the distinctive fireworks rose one after another in the sky, lighting up the entire night sky with their brilliance. The three chapters of “Fireworks Brilliant for Reunion”, “Jade Rabbit Sends Blessings and Family Carnival” and “Prosperous Night and Brilliance” bloomed in turn, lasting more than 30 minutes. The well-arranged aerial fireworks at the scene competed with each other, setting off one climax after another, bringing the audience into the bright world. Amidst the admiration one after another, everyone looked forward to the bright future of Mei County together and spent a joyous and festive Lantern Festival night.

The people who watched the fireworks told the reporter: “Today is the Lantern Festival. I brought my family and children to watch such beautiful fireworks at the door of my house. The atmosphere was very good, and the fireworks represent hope and vision. Friends have a happy reunion in the new year, and I also wish our motherland the prosperity and the people of the country.”

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