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The Municipal Emergency Management Bureau successfully completed the emergency guarantee task of the Lantern Festival fireworks display

Source: Baoji Emergency Management Bureau
Release time: 2023-02-07 10:05

The Baoji City Lantern Festival fireworks display was held on February 5th (the fifteenth day of the first lunar month) at the Lianmeng Bridge. In accordance with the overall arrangement of the “Implementation Plan for Fireworks Displaying Activities to Celebrate the Lantern Festival in Baoji City”, our bureau is mainly responsible for emergency support. The main leaders of the Bureau attached great importance to it, arranged deployments in a timely manner, consolidated work measures, gathered work forces, and successfully completed the emergency support tasks for the fireworks display activities of the Lantern Festival.

Hold a special meeting to analyze and judge potential safety hazards. In order to ensure the smooth, orderly and stable activities, the Municipal Health and Health Commission organized the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, Municipal Traffic Police Detachment, Municipal Fire Rescue Detachment, Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom, Radio and Television and other units to hold special analysis In the research and judgment meeting, the potential risks and hidden dangers existing in the event site and the affected area are studied and analyzed one by one, and preventive measures and countermeasures such as fire rescue, medical rescue, and communication guarantee are formulated in a targeted manner.

Strengthen organizational leadership and promote the implementation of tasks. Formulated and issued the “Emergency Support Work Plan for Lantern Festival Fireworks Display Activities”, established an emergency support leading group, and clarified the responsibility units, tasks and work requirements for comprehensive coordination, emergency rescue, medical assistance, and communication support; formulated and issued the “Municipal Emergency Management Bureau Lantern Festival According to the Comprehensive Coordination Work Plan for Fireworks Display Activities, a comprehensive coordination leading group headed by the main leaders of the bureau was established, and 12 leaders and cadres were transferred, with a fine division of labor and clear responsibilities to ensure the implementation of various measures.

Strengthen command and dispatch to ensure the smooth progress of activities. On the night of the event, Zhang Xiaojun, Secretary of the Bureau’s Party Committee and Director of the Bureau, was in command at the scene of the discharge. Sun Jianxin, member of the Bureau’s Party Committee and Deputy Director, organized the implementation on the spot. The dispatched personnel were divided into four groups according to the established plan. Inspections were carried out from the bridge to the banks of the embankment of the Weihe Barrage Dam, collected and transmitted information on various emergencies at the scene, organized and coordinated rescue forces to deal with emergencies, and ensured that the fireworks display activities were orderly, joyful and peaceful.

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