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Baoji Municipal People’s Government Portal News Headlines City leaders carry out Spring Festival visits and condolences activities

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Municipal leaders in Baoji have been busy carrying out visits and condolences ahead of the Spring Festival. The visits were led by Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yang Guangting and Mayor Wang Yong, along with other municipal leaders.

The leaders visited a variety of groups, including old party members, retired veteran cadres, model representatives, poverty-stricken households, and frontline staff in various industries. The purpose of the visits was to extend warm care from the party and government, as well as to offer sincere New Year blessings to those in need.

During the visits, the leaders expressed gratitude to public security officers and employees in various industries who have been working tirelessly on the front lines, ensuring the safety and well-being of the city’s residents. They encouraged them to continue their hard work and dedication, particularly during the festive season.

City leaders also took the opportunity to learn about the difficulties faced by individuals and households, and urged relevant departments to do everything possible to implement security policies and provide assistance to those in need.

Veteran party members and cadres were also a focus of the leaders’ visits, with a strong emphasis on caring for their well-being and respecting their contributions to society.

The visits extended to key enterprises, where the leaders encouraged employees to work hard and strive for excellence in promoting economic development.

In a demonstration of the city’s support for the military, city leaders visited troops stationed in Bao’an, pledging full support for their construction and service in local economic and social development.

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The visits concluded with the leaders expressing their condolences to model representatives from various walks of life, encouraging them to continue to serve as role models and promote high-quality development in the city.

Members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Deputy Mayor, and Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference also expressed their condolences during the visits.

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