Barcelona fell by a landslide against El Nacional at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium, this Sunday, May 28, 2023.

The ‘bullfighters’ had the opportunity to close the gap against Independiente del Valle in the standings, which was left with 28 points after losing to Liga de Quito 3-2.

However, Barcelona could not face the military squad, which beat them 4-1. This complicates the ‘canary’ team with three dates to go before the first stage of the LigaPro Serie A tournament ends.

With this result, Barcelona remains in second place with 23 units, while El National He went up to the fourth box and added 21 points.

Goals from El Nacional and Barcelona

The first goal of the military team came from the penalty spot. Jhonnier Chalá was in charge of collecting the maximum penalty and opened the scoring at 18′.

At 27 minutes, El Nacional put the second through Madison Julio.

Four minutes later, Barcelona was able to discount on the scoreboard. Francisco Fydriszewski made it 2-1 at minute 33. With that result they went to rest.

In the second part of the match, Nacional managed to increase their lead with a goal by Byron Palacios at minute 58.

The military cadre sentenced the game at 68 minutes through Jorge Ordóñez.

On Date 13 of the LigaPro Serie A, the shipyard classic will be played. Barcelona will receive Emelec at the Monumental stadium.

Meanwhile, El Nacional visits Gualaceo.