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Batteries! Fines are paid by the owner of the vehicle

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Batteries! Fines are paid by the owner of the vehicle

If you ‘released’ the car or your motorcycle to someone else and that person commits a traffic violation, you as the owner of the vehicle must assume the subpoena or prove that you were a victim of fraud or theft.

Clearly, the Constitutional Court made it known that in Colombia, the owners of the vehicles are the ones who must respond in the first instance for traffic violations that are imposed by the corresponding authorities or by photo fines.

According to the entity, “the owner of a vehicle is responsible for compliance with traffic regulations, even if someone else is driving. That is, he must guarantee that he has the technical-mechanical review and the current SOAT, as well as not driving at unauthorized times, not exceeding speed limits, stopping at traffic lights, among others.

It was also established that for this purpose “owners must have all their updated information in the RUNT, such as their residence address, their email, so that due notification of their infractions can be made.”

Finally, it was established that those people who want to be exempted from said payment, must demonstrate, with evidence in hand, that “he was a victim of fraud or theft of his vehicle”, otherwise he must pay 100% of the fine along with the interest corresponding.

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