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Batteries! There will no longer be a taxi driver strike in Bogotá

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Batteries!  There will no longer be a taxi driver strike in Bogotá

For the tranquility of many Bogotanos, the mayoress claudia lopez announced that the I stop taxi drivers in Bogotáscheduled for this Monday, January 23, will no longer be performed because the union leader who called the protests, Hugo Ospina, and others More representatives will sit at a dialogue table with the District Government.

It should be remembered that on January 19, through social networks, several videos were released in which it was observed how the blockades carried out by the union of taxi drivers in the vicinity of the El Dorado airport generated mobility problems, mainly on 26th street with av. Cali, and they generated annoyance by travelers heading to Bogota’s El Dorado Airport.

The blockades, also called by the union leader Hugo Ospina, they would have gone ahead because of the annoyance that taxi drivers have regarding alleged abuses of the mobility authorities and the persecution that the district administration of Bogotá headed by Mayor Claudia López would have undertaken against them.

“We are tired of the abuses. Because of excess card, that you don’t get into the airport lane, that you can’t have the stamp, what a thing, we suck! This is the moment that I call you to union unity. Let’s leave selfishness and envy and unite comrades. A call: Just one comrade to immobilize us, we are going to make all of us immobilize. We stayed in the taxi and declared a hunger strike,” Ospina explained through a video.

The inconvenience of the taxi drivers would have been generated by the immobilization of a taxi vehicle, with a driver on board, after the man allegedly got out to relieve himself, leaving the car parked in an area that was not allowed.

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