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Battery instead of diesel engine: Deutsche Bahn is converting | > – News

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Battery instead of diesel engine: Deutsche Bahn is converting |  > – News

Status: 06/10/2023 2:03 p.m

The last work on the overhead line system was carried out at the train station in Heide on Saturday morning – and they should ensure that the regional trains between Heide and Büsum run electrically from the end of the year.

by Laura Albus

In the future, battery-powered trains are to run on around 450 kilometers of track in the country. According to Deutsche Bahn, short sections of the route or individual stations are currently being electrified at seven locations. The batteries of the 55 new trains will be charged while they are entering and leaving the stations, such as in Heide (District of Dithmarschen) and charged while stationary.

The special thing about it: With this still quite new technology, entire routes no longer have to be electrified – and thus partially closed for the conversion – but only individual sections. The charging substation in Heide, which is necessary for the power supply, is expected to be connected in September. According to Deutsche Bahn, more than ten million kilometers of train traffic per year will be driven electrically in Schleswig-Holstein in the future, on which diesel trains were previously used. This would more than double the number of diesel-free routes.

Bahn wants to be climate neutral by 2040

“Deutsche Bahn will be climate-neutral by 2040. Creative solutions such as overhead contact line islands for battery-powered trains are an important building block on the way there,” says Ute Plambeck, DB Group Representative for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Arne Beck, Managing Director of NAH.SH, also welcomes the conversion: “We are pleased that many diesel trains can be replaced with the use of the new battery trains. This is an important step towards Schleswig-Holstein’s goal of completely climate-neutral local rail passenger transport by 2030 and a next step for the passengers to be able to travel even more comfortably in our modern battery-powered trains in the future.”

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No partial electrification on the Marschbahn route

The first purely electric trip is planned for October on the Kiel-Lübeck-Lüneburg route, followed by others, such as Neumünster-Heide-Büsum. According to the railway, this partial electrification is not possible for tracks on which freight and long-distance traffic is also on the move – such as on the Marschbahn route between Hamburg and Sylt.

We are building here

On behalf of the state and the local transport company, Deutsche Bahn is building overhead contact line islands with charging substations in Heide, Husum and Tönning to feed in the traction current. In addition, additional tracks in Bad Oldesloe station will be electrified. The electrification with catenary masts at Büchen station has already been completed, and Kiel is to follow shortly. The existing overhead lines on the Flensburg route in the direction of Kiel and between Kiel and Kiel-Hassee are also to be expanded.

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At the beginning of the year, the railway in southern Germany began the test run. The first trains were presented in MV on Friday.
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