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Be alert to the sequelae of “long new crown”!One-tenth of it will be difficult to recover for more than a year | CCP virus | Mainland epidemic | sequelae of new crown

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Be alert to the sequelae of “long new crown”!One-tenth of it will be difficult to recover for more than a year | CCP virus | Mainland epidemic | sequelae of new crown

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, January 28, 2023]The epidemic not only caused a large number of deaths, but also caused sequelae that should not be underestimated. “Long new crown” means that after more than one month of infection, the symptoms of the epidemic continue or worsen. A Japanese study found that the proportion of “long-term new crowns” accounts for nearly 50% of new crown patients, and young people are at a higher risk of developing new crowns.

A woman infected with the epidemic: “The sequelae are too serious. Drink some water and show it to everyone. If you don’t pinch it, the water will spray out and flow out.”

The woman said she developed facial paralysis 13 days after being infected. Another young man born in the 1980s said that after he tested positive, his whole body was swollen, and he spent more than 100,000 yuan on treatment, but nothing worked.

Ms. Li, a citizen of Hangzhou: “I also obviously felt the sequelae. During this period of time, my head was dizzy. I was always dizzy. When I got up or sat up, I felt dizzy, my eyes were dark, and my world was spinning.”

Mr. Li, a Beijing resident: “I have had several Chinese medicine treatments, but the effect is not very good. I feel short of breath when I move. I swam 1 kilometer last summer, and now I don’t think I can swim 200 meters.”

A hospital in Japan specializing in the aftermath of the new crown examined about 5,000 patients and found that most of the people suffering from the new crown were between the ages of 30 and 50. 47.7% of the patients said that they still had various symptoms 10 days after the infection, including: tiredness, loss of smell and taste, insomnia, asthma, memory impairment, coughing, etc., and even a 31-year-old lady developed a large number of symptoms two months after the diagnosis. hair loss.

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Zhang Hua, an independent media person in Beijing: “There are more people who vomit now, which is caused by intestinal discomfort. My friend has been positive for almost a month since December 20 last year, and coughed for almost a month. He said yes I always have a sore throat, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing.”

Mr. Li, a citizen of Shijiazhuang: “There are many sequelae now, the hospital, this one went to the hospital for treatment.”

The study also pointed out that severe diseases mostly occur in the elderly, and young people are at higher risk of developing sequelae such as “new crown”. Lin Yunyi, a rehabilitation physician at the Affiliated Hospital of Northern Medicine in Taiwan, said that at least 1/10 of the 100 patients who have been seeking treatment for more than a year have not recovered from the “coronavirus” for more than a year.

Mr. Gao, a citizen of Wuhan: “I have lost my sense of taste and smell for a long time, and the after-effects are too great. Half of my life is lost, so let’s fend for myself. If you can’t resist, you will go to the crematorium, and you won’t write yes Corona.”

The World Health Organization stated on the 27th that nearly 40,000 new crown deaths were reported globally last week, more than half of which came from China, but the actual number must be much higher.

Mr. Gao, a citizen of Wuhan: “There is a rule in Wuhan. After a person dies, they have to worship in the New Year. From the 30th to the first day of the new year, the streets are full of white and yellow chrysanthemums, which means that many people in Wuhan have traveled a lot. Well.”

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Mr. Li, a citizen of Shijiazhuang: “I knew that anyway, people in this town and surrounding villages died more than in previous years. Most of them were elderly people, and there were also young people in their 30s. Sometimes three people died a day. There was a village where three people died a day. In our community. One of them returned to Beijing. His family lived in Beijing. He returned to Beijing in winter. After returning to Beijing, he died on the 20th of last month. He was just about 70 years old. Normally speaking I am usually in good health, but I returned to Beijing this year, and you can see that the (epidemic) in Beijing is also very severe, and I have contracted the epidemic.”

Mr. Zhang from Hebei: “Anyway, there are a lot of (deaths) this year. Some time ago, it should be around the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, or around the first ten days of the twelfth lunar month. There was a similar situation, and coffins could not be bought. At that time, coffins were very tight.”

NTDTV reporter Han Fei and special correspondent Luo Ya interviewed and reported

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