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Be careful when returning from Spring Festival travel!The first cold wave in the Year of the Dragon is about to come online_Guangming.com

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Cold Wave Weather to Hit China from February 17 to 22

The Central Meteorological Observatory has issued a warning that a cold wave will impact China from February 17 to 22. The central and eastern regions will experience significant temperature fluctuations, with local temperatures expected to drop by more than 20°C. Additionally, the country is expected to see substantial rain and snow, including blizzards and heavy snowfalls in several provinces.

The temperature in the central and eastern regions is first expected to rise before plummeting due to the first cold wave of the Lunar New Year. This drastic shift in temperature and humidity is anticipated to have a considerable impact on the region.

Leading up to the cold wave, temperatures in most areas of the central and eastern regions rose significantly from the 16th to the 18th. Some areas even experienced historic highs, with temperatures reaching around 30°C in certain provinces.

However, from the 17th to the 22nd, the cold wave is expected to cause temperatures to drop by 6 to 12°C, with some areas experiencing a decline of up to 18°C. The coldest temperatures are anticipated in Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, and central China where the temperature is expected to drop by more than 20°C.

As a result of the cold wave, many areas in the south will experience a seasonal cooling. Maximum temperatures in cities like Nanchang, Hangzhou, and Changsha are expected to drop to single digits.

In addition to the temperature fluctuations, the cold wave is also expected to bring strong winds and widespread rain and snow across the country. Severe snowstorms are forecast in provinces including Shaanxi, Shanxi, and others.

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Given the weather conditions, the public is urged to remain cautious, especially as the Spring Festival travel season is at its peak. The adverse effects of rain, snow, freezing weather, and strong winds are expected to impact roads, railways, aviation, and water transportation. Chief forecaster Zhang Fanghua has advised the public to closely follow the latest information from local meteorological and transportation departments, plan travel in advance, and take precautions to prevent the adverse effects of the weather on traffic and personal health.

With the arrival of the cold wave, it is essential for individuals to stay updated on weather forecasts and take necessary measures to stay safe and warm during this period.

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