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Be like a tree – El Diario

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Be like a tree – El Diario

Yeah! become root and allow your trunk to grow, form its branches and expand in the majesty of life.

Often, human beings are not aware that every day their trunk grows stronger, ages, becomes wiser and, at the same time, more fragile. It is similar to enjoying what life offers us in a healthy way. Every day offers us new experiences, each of them contains learning that is processed month by month. Similar to the life of the tree that, in the same way, forms fruits or builds new branches and leaves over time.

Over the years, trees can become stronger or, on the contrary, weaken, with dry branches falling and crumbling little by little. However, the tree does not die; it simply transforms. Its process does not mark the end, but rather a natural part of its evolution. In the same way, we must learn to appreciate our own process, month by month, recognizing that, like trees, we go through various stages and cycles.

Just as trees have their time to be harvested and watered, we too must recognize and respect our moments of growth, learning and renewal. Let us adopt the strength of a tree, accepting that transformation is an essential part of our existence.

Know that our emotions are like the leaves of a tree, they change to renew us. So see yourself as a beautiful natural evolution of the earth, which goes through various seasons. Perhaps there will be moments of fragility, but you will always reach those moments of strength, where you can bring out those fruits, those thoughts that will give you a new perspective to appreciate life.

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