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Become confident in using Confluence Data Center – learning paths in the Seibert Academy

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Become confident in using Confluence Data Center – learning paths in the Seibert Academy

“On-premises is dead, long live on-premises!” Although Atlassian ended support for its server products on February 15th of this year, Atlassian Data Center is still a highly sought-after deployment variant. Even though the Atlassian Cloud has numerous advantages – e.g. B. in terms of scalability, total cost of ownership or in terms of innovations – compared to on-premises and is overall the most future-proof choice, the data center still has certain advantages: It is particularly suitable for companies that adhere to strict legal requirements or whose product data necessarily needs to be stored in a self-managed environment.

If your company has recently switched from servers to data centers or you are completely new to the Atlassian world, we will help you find your way there! To make it as easy as possible for you to get started with the two best-known Atlassian tools – the knowledge management software Confluence and the process tracking and project management tool Jira – we have put together two learning paths for you in our Seibert Academy. Today we present you the learning path “Your Start in Confluence Data Center”, and next week you can look forward to the learning path “Your Start in Jira Data Center”.

Learn the basics of Confluence Data Center!

Are you working with Confluence for the first time and don’t yet know what you can do with the tool? Then the Academy learning path “Getting started in Confluence Data Center” is just right for you! In just two courses, our Confluence expert Julie will explain to you all the basic functions you should know within two hours.

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Getting started with Confluence (Data Center)

What exactly is Confluence Data Center? And how can you use the company wiki for your daily work? In this one-hour course for beginners you will learn the absolute basics of Confluence Data Center. After the introduction and a comprehensive system overview, you will learn more about the first important features of the knowledge management tool, e.g. E.g. page information, comments and labels, profiles, search or how you can monitor and edit pages.

Create content in Confluence (Data Center)

Confluence is like the “digital lexicon” of your company: Here you can document your knowledge and ensure that all other employees can access and benefit from the Confluence pages you have created. At the same time, Confluence serves as a collaboration tool that allows teams to work together on a Confluence page at the same time. In this beginners course, our expert Julie will explain to you exactly how you create, manage and use pages to collaborate with your colleagues.

Become a Confluence professional with the Seibert Academy

The Seibert Academy is our e-learning platform with which you can continue your education independently – whenever and wherever you want! No matter whether you are a beginner, advanced user or admin: In the courses designed by our experts you can always learn something new about using Atlassian tools or find out about agile methods, New Work and more.

Do you want to click straight through the Academy? This is very easy and has no hidden costs, because: Much of the Academy content is free – so you just need an account to get started!

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Switch from data center to cloud? The Seibert Academy supports you in this!

By the way: Most of the learning content in our Seibert Academy introduces you to the Atlassian Cloud in general or prepares you for dealing with Confluence Cloud, Jira Cloud and other cloud products. So if your company is thinking about migrating from Atlassian Data Center to the cloud, the Academy can offer real added value! This is especially true if your company has booked one of our migration packages: Then your teams will have access to selected, free course bundles from our Academy – e.g. B. the “Road to Cloud” or “Cloud Onboarding”.

With the help of tailored learning paths for beginners, advanced users and admins, the Academy enables you to get as smooth a start as possible in the new cloud environment. In the past few weeks we have presented these learning paths in our blog – starting with “Introducing the Atlassian Cloud” and ending with “Jira Project Administration”. Feel free to read more deeply!

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