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Before the Bingdundun NFT market fell, I successfully cashed out 10,000 yuan – Digital Currency / Blockchain

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Before the Bingdundun NFT market fell, I successfully cashed out 10,000 yuan – Digital Currency / Blockchain

In some media reports, the second-hand market price has skyrocketed by a thousand times, approaching the $100,000 BingdunDun NFT. Now the real floor price has plummeted to around $700, and there is a further downward trend.This BingdunDun digital blind box officially authorized by the International Olympic Committee will be officially released on the nWayPlay platform on February 12. It is limited to 500 pieces, and each person is limited to 5 pieces (Chinese users are not supported), and the official price is 99 US dollars.


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But some are still betting big.

But some are still betting big.

Up to now, the lowest price listed on the trading platform around the series of digital collections developed around Bing Dun Dun is $777. Although it still far exceeds the $99 offering price, compared with the increase of thousands of dollars, the transaction popularity of BingdunDun NFT has dropped significantly.

Wu Jianyue, who participated in the rush to buy, said that the media only saw the listed bids, and the rumored skyrocketing thousand times was priceless.

Su Weixing also has the same understanding. Su Weixing, who claims to be a “speculator”, immediately listed on the platform at a price of $1,666 after grabbing the NFT. After sleeping for a few hours, he saw an email pop up indicating that the transaction was successful. Compared with the official price of 99 US dollars, the selling price of Su Weixing has increased by 16 times, and it has earned nearly 10,000 yuan overnight. Among the sellers he knows so far, this is already a relatively high transaction price. Apart from hearing that another eldest brother sold it for $1,888, Su Weixing has never seen a higher transaction record.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Among the people who have grabbed Bingdundun NFT at the moment, Su Weixing is a typical representative, that is, turned into a scalper and sold it to make a difference. In Su Weixing’s view, the audience of Bingdundun NFT is relatively small, and the threshold for participation is not low. It requires a foreign Visa card or possession of virtual currency. In addition, after Chinese people sell it, they cannot withdraw cash on the platform due to identification and authentication problems. , it is also extremely troublesome to withdraw gold, and with the Winter Olympics halfway through, the popularity of Bingdundun is also declining, so it is better to make a move as soon as possible to have peace of mind.

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Unlike Su Weixing, there is also a group of people who choose to hold back temporarily in the face of the skyrocketing and slumping trading market after grabbing the Bingdundun NFT, waiting for a higher selling price. Wu Jianyue is one of them.

At 1:00 a.m. on February 12, 24-year-old Wu Jianyue stood in front of the computer screen on time. One second before the official launch of Bingdun Dun NFT, he kept clicking the “pay” icon. However, due to the large number of people in the queue, the payment page was blocked. live. It was not until 30 minutes later when a bell rang that Wu Jianyue received a notification that the payment was successful, informing him that he had grabbed 5 blind boxes, and 4 of them had ice piers. Wu Jianyue couldn’t believe his eyes. The ecstatic Wu Jianyue immediately took a picture and posted a circle of friends, “Show me my ice pier.”

Since the opening of the Winter Olympics, the top-notch “Bingdundun” has always been the focus of people’s attention. From the physical world to the digital world, this trend has never been missed.

On February 9, the NFT trading platform nWayPlay stated on Twitter that the digital blind box with the official IP authorization of the International Olympic Committee will be on sale soon. According to the official website, the Epic Box will contain 3 officially authorized digital brooches: 1 Epic and 2 Rare. Wu Jianyue told Alphabet that the Epic special edition has the mascot “Bing Dun Dun” NFT, but not everyone can issue it.

According to the official website of nWayPlay, the image of Bing Dun Dun in the blind box will be displayed as an athlete, performing various winter sports, such as alpine skiing, sled, snowboarding, etc. The blind box also contains 2 versions of The official emblem and a poster of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The lucky ones like Wu Jianyue who grabbed 4 ice piers in one fell swoop are among the few. On Weibo, many people are complaining about “I can’t get Bingdundun, and I can’t get NFT”, “I’m still queuing up to pick up leaks”, “Bingdundun NFT is also hard to find”…

Although the current transaction price of Bingdundun NFT has plummeted to about $700, in Wu Jianyue’s vision, Bingdundun NFT should be sold for $10,000. Before reaching this price, he plans to keep it for himself. After all, the number of Bingdundun NFTs is scarce. In his opinion, the cost price of $99 will never be lost.

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Most of the people who grab Bingdundun NFTs used to be in the currency circle.

Before robbing BingdunDun NFT, Su Weixing has been in the currency circle. Since 2017, he has bought various virtual currencies such as Eos, flow, and mob, and has successively earned more than 100,000 yuan. Wu Jianyue is also a fan of coins. “I have seen some people in the currency circle realize wealth freedom. In this circle, it is normal to earn 1 million (RMB).”

This time Bingdundun NFT was released, Su Weixing keenly sensed business opportunities, “Now that Bingdundun is so hot, it will definitely make money.”

The advantage of being in the currency circle is that it will be more convenient for them to buy NFTs. For example, they have foreign visa cards, virtual currency platform accounts, cobinese wallets, and familiar Chinese-American friends to help exchange currencies.

In addition to the Beijing Winter Olympics series collection, nWayPlay has also put on the digital badges and posters of the Olympic Games since 1926. Among them, the highest price is the legendary poster of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which is quoted at US$9,999 (approximately US$9,999). 63594 RMB).

According to media reports, the lowest price of a snowboard Beijing 2022 mascot pin is currently $1,500, the lowest price of a figure skating pin is $1,299, and the lowest price of a pin for the emblem of the Beijing 2022 Red Cross is $888, which is much higher than the issue. price.

In Su Weixing’s view, before the virtual currency fire, if you spent 50,000 yuan to buy eth, you would have achieved wealth freedom. Today’s NFT is also a trend. Bing Dundun is the first NFT he bought, and it has not yet become a national focus. When the time comes, make arrangements in advance, “maybe you will get rich.”

After tasting the sweetness, Su Weixing plans to continue to buy World Cup NFTs to make another wave. “A friend of mine got a cultural NFT for free from a niche platform, and later sold it for 90,000 (RMB)”, Wu Jianyue said of NFTs, he felt that cultural IPs including Bingdundun were scarce due to the scarcity , is a track worth investing in.

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Whether it’s a doll figure or an NFT, Bingdundun is still hard to find.

Recently, Bing Dun Dun has released a diamond version. The country’s only diamond version of Bing Dun Dun was airborne in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. It was crafted with zinc-aluminum alloy, filled with enamel paint, and inlaid with about 2,700 artificial diamonds. According to reports, the diamond version of Bing Dun Dun will be released in a limited number of 2022 pieces, each priced at 2022 yuan.

Behind the limited release model, a number of gray industrial chains are also secretly growing. Not long ago, Beijing quickly investigated, prosecuted, and sentenced a case involving the production and sale of pirated Winter Olympics mascots Bing Dun Dun and Xue Rong Rong dolls. The criminal suspect Ren was sentenced to one year in prison and fined 40,000 yuan, becoming a national The first criminal case of infringing the copyright of the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot image.

It is hard to say whether NFTs will be hit by regulation in China. After nWayPlay announced the Bingdun Dun Blind Box event, some people in China spontaneously organized an NFT exchange group with no more than 50 members so far. Some people expressed their concerns about NFT in the group and advised others to sell them while the price was still high. “The heat has passed. Afterwards, it will return to zero sooner or later.” “After all, the Chinese people’s cognition is limited.”

In addition, a player who didn’t get it in the queue and then bought BingdunDun NFT in the secondary market said to the alphabet, “When it comes to price, it’s tears.” He thought he was expensive and regretted buying it.

But there are always people who enjoy it. nWayPlay announced that it will release a new batch of Bingdun Dun blind boxes, which will be available for grabs at 1:00 a.m. on February 18th. This time, the number is smaller, a total of 200, and the price is more expensive. A legendary blind box is priced at $349.

Su Weixing said that he will continue to grab the legendary version. He expects it will sell for $2,500 this time, and he will be the same as last time, taking advantage of the heat as soon as possible. “After all, the Winter Olympics are about to end.”

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