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Beijing and Kunming merged into Guoguang Theater Company, the first spring show will start with the gong on the 8th – Xinhuanet

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Guoguang Theater in Taiwan Presents Traditional Opera Performance Series

Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, March 7 (Reporters Qi Fei, Zhao Bo) – Guoguang Theater, a traditional opera performance group in Taiwan, held a rehearsal press conference at the Taiwan Opera Center in Taipei on the 7th to introduce their first spring play “Eternal Fashion·Equinox”. The performance series will kick off with the gong sounding at the Xiqu Center Performance Hall on the evening of the 8th.

A total of 11 traditional operas will be staged over 6 days, showcasing the intricate beauty of singing, reading, acting, and fighting in traditional Beijing and Kunming operas.

The highlight of the first day of performance will be the Peking Opera “Changbanpo·Hanjinkou”, adapted from “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The play follows the story of Cao Wei’s march south to Jingzhou, Liu Bei’s defeat in Jiangling, and Zhao Yun’s heroic rescue of Adou. Young martial arts student Li Jiade stars as Zhao Yun, with Taiwanese Peking Opera actor Wei Haimin making a special appearance as Mrs. Mi.

On the last day of the performance series, the audience can look forward to the performances of “Pick the Pulley” and “Go to the Rooftop and Hit the Gold Bricks”. Renowned actors will take on challenging roles and demonstrate their mastery of traditional opera techniques.

Wang Anqi, the artistic director of Guoguang Theater Company, emphasized the importance of blending tradition with innovation, stating that the most traditional is also the most avant-garde and fashionable. She believes in creating new works while still honoring the rich traditions of traditional opera.

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Zhang Yuhua, director of Guoguang Theater Company, described the series as a celebration of “eternal fashion”, highlighting the enduring appeal of traditional classic performances. The goal is to showcase the talent and dedication of both seasoned actors and the new generation of performers.

The “Eternal Fashion·Vernal Equinox” performance series will feature a mix of Peking Opera and Kun Opera, including popular titles like “The Legend of the White Snake”, “The Drunken Concubine”, “Stealing Armor”, and “Oiran Oiran”.

Audiences can expect to be transported back in time to experience the magic and charm of traditional opera in a modern theater setting, celebrating the timeless beauty of this ancient art form.

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